View Full Version : Gosh I Love Ebay!!

Mar. 16, 2011, 08:15 PM
I picked up a padded brand new Edgewood bridle for $186 shipped! Yeehaw!

I'm sure I'm late to this party, but I guess it's considered "secondary quality" bc of a slightly darker spot of leather. Pssh. I'll oil that right out of it. Just thought I'd put out the PSA in case anyone else needs one. ;)

As a secondary part of this..I have an old pair of Edgewood rubber reins that the rubber is disintegrating on. Any idea who might re-cover them? I could ask around locally but thought I'd ask here too.

T-storm chick
Mar. 16, 2011, 10:04 PM
Hmmm. I don't know if he would do it but you might try Gary Mundy...he's known for his stirrup leathers but does nice leather work in general from what I've heard. If not him maybe try Bartville Harness Shop (you can Google for their phone number; also search the eventing board for more info on them in general.)

I also love Ebay. Last fall I bought an awesome pair of Vogels for $100. Got them, opened box...from what I can tell never worn. NO crease at ankle, no wear on sole...They were built for an Amazon woman but all that means is when I send them off to Vogel to be cut down for me I can have extra high cut Spanish tops!

Good luck with the reins!:)