View Full Version : Someone please commiserate with my pain! (Lack of saddle time each day)

Mar. 2, 2011, 04:24 PM
First, a disclaimer: It's a GOOD thing! I know this, and am not really complaining. This is meant more tongue in cheek. :)

When I got my horse I had only been back into riding for 6 months after quite some time away from horses. He had been off for 5 months due to end of eventing season/owner who was a poor fit to ride him. When I went to try him out, I commented that his trot was ridiculous to even try to post because it was so smooth. HA!

As he's gotten more fit, his trot and canter keep getting larger. I'm 5'1", he's 16.3hh. And I am just always sore! I'm riding him 6 days a week and riding another horse at least 5 days a week plus trying to get in aerobic exercise, and about to start a core program just trying to keep up with him because he keeps improving.

Of course, I love that I'm always trying to keep up with him - I don't have to push him for more, I just have to get fit enough for where he is, and he offers me more. We were up to a very uphill canter with lots of jump, whether working canter or collected canter, and a trot with overstep all the time, decent energy though not much suspension, and about 1 foot overstep at lengthenings. I was just saying a few days ago how I needed to start going to a gym for strength training because I seemed to finally be able to handle his gaits without being sore.

And then there was yesterday.

Started off, and he felt a little stiff, and his head was all over the place. This often happens as he's figuring out something new so I don't get after him, but let him figure out his body. So we did some counter canter serpentines to get him softer and bending himself... and lo and behold, somebody put bouncy rubber on his hooves. His length of movement didn't increase, but his upward arc did. A lot. Finally I felt like we had a collected trot which should get higher than a 7 for quality. Someone who was watching commented to me that he looked "awfully bouncy today" too - her way of saying that he had energy/suspension in his movement.

So, I love that my horse keeps improving, and that I just have to keep up with him rather than drag him along kicking and screaming for progress. However, sitting (or standing, walking, existing) really hurts through my core right now!

Any other non-pros want to commiserate over the fact the amount of time we have to ride/get fit simply isn't enough?

Mar. 2, 2011, 04:26 PM
Yes, me.

Thank you :)

Mar. 2, 2011, 04:33 PM
I feel your pain. And when you get stronger, your trainer will want you to be even fitter. It is a never ending cycle of working out and riding.

Mar. 2, 2011, 04:43 PM

Having a time of it at work at the moment, so not getting to ride NEARLY enough. I was just offered a covetted spot in a good clinic this coming weekend and had to say no--can hardly expect either myself or my horse to go work that hard after about three rides in two weeks.


There goes the phone again...

Mar. 2, 2011, 04:43 PM
I feel your pain. And when you get stronger, your trainer will want you to be even fitter. It is a never ending cycle of working out and riding.


When I get stronger my trainer (an eventer/lower level trainer) is planning on sending me away for long weekends with an FEI trainer to get tortured on schoolmasters. :lol:

Right now, though, she ljust aughs at me for requesting longe lessons then holding my sides as I dismount afterward. Dressage, the sport of sadists? (And yet, I love it so...)