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Feb. 27, 2011, 10:35 PM
I know, another bit thread, but it's so hard trying to find a bit for my mare. Basically she is just big and a freight train. She ignores the majority of my half halts and if she doesn't want to slow for downward transitions, she will just curl her head back. I've had different loose rings- a french link, a french link happy mouth, and just a normal one (double jointed?)- they are so-so at home, but at shows I just don't feel like I have any control at all. We've been lunging her in side reins for a few minutes (15-20) before riding to get some of her energy out. This helps (she is getting older so this is not really greeness or a matter of calming down- this is just who she is), so we'd still like to try different bits to see what works. I've ridden her in an elevator and a pelham the past couple of rides to see if a stronger bit would help, and she went verryy well in both of those. So my question is, any ideas for different bits to try that are legal? Thanks in advance! :)

Feb. 27, 2011, 10:58 PM
My mare was started western, and I swear the minute she HEARS a curb chain, she changes her whole attitude! I certainly understand when you say she went very well in something with a curb on it.
With my mare, I am shopping for a Baucher snaffle as I've heard that may help. My mare isn't a freight train...her favourite gait is "stop", but she will lay on the bit.
What I DO do with her is a million transitions to get her thinking Whoa and Go. That helps greatly.