View Full Version : Dressage Saddles from Schneiders ????

Jan. 25, 2011, 02:41 PM
Has anyone bought a dressage saddle from schneiders? I am looking for one for my half arab - any of them better saddle to buy than the others.....

Jan. 25, 2011, 02:53 PM
They are from different brands.

It depends on your budget and your horse's conformation and your conformation!

Having to choose between those brands I would look first at the Stubbens, the Ankys, the Bates, the HDR, the Ovation and the Wintec!

Is there a reason you want to buy from this particular dealer? Do they have good customer services? Do they have a fitter that coul go to your place and help you out?

Jan. 25, 2011, 03:00 PM
They do have good customer service. Most of all they have a payment plan for the saddles. So you don't have to pay everything up front. I have sat in stubbens when I was looking for a hunt saddle and the seat was so hard. Maybe they have changed. I do have someone that can fit the saddle for me. I am hoping to sit in some at a tack shop etc. before ordering it.

One thing I don't like about some of them is the knee rolls, I ride in a close contact hunt saddle, I am not much for knee rolls.

Jan. 25, 2011, 08:08 PM
the stubben biomax has a different seat than the regular stubbens, it's padded butt cheeks basically, so it's softer... But i hated it, i still thought it was hard. Good quality, and the knee rolls on some are not nearly as large as other brands on the market right now.

The bates innova in Standard Block, is not a very big knee roll, i thought that was pretty comfy, but several do not like the bates/wintec line because of the crappy flocking, you can have it removed and get it wool stuffed, but adds to the price... I used to have an older bates isabell with the cair flocking, i didnt have a problem with it. Customer service on the bates/wintec line is very bad as some here will tell you, so if you ever have a structural issue with the tree, might as well hang it up, it's probably a lost cause. I dont think the bates innova will work for a curvy back the way the pannels are shaped, perhaps a longish flat back?

I sat in that Anky, i thought it had a harder seat with a rather wide twist, but maybe a bonus that it has the adjustable gullets... If the general tree shape will work for your horse.

I think that is going to be key for you. Not knowing the back shape, you could have an easy horse to fit or a difficult one. I would be sure to check if Schnieders has a good return/trial policy. They are a wonderful company, i've ordered from them for years with great customer service, and yes, that payment plan OR the lease plan can be SUPER. I used to lease my western show saddles from them, let me get something really nice when i needed it but i could send it back after the year, which was good, it's darn hard to sell those 3-4k western saddles!

These are all fairly common saddles, so your local tack store my carry them, and if they have a fitter, it might be nice to bring your horse in and pay for a session with them at the tack store with your horse to try different saddles to see how they fit.

Have you applied for the schnieders payment plan? They can be pretty strict and require a really good credit score. You may have better luck putting one on a credit card.

Jan. 25, 2011, 08:55 PM
You might contact Alan at Foxhunter (http://www.foxhunter.on.ca/tackshop.htm) as he carries both Wintec's & Bates with wool flocking as well as the more standard CAIR - he'll also be able to recommend specific saddles if you send in horse photos; he is probably the only guy I'd buy a Wintec/Bates from as he has had no difficulties with warranty repairs.

Equestrian Imports also does saddle financing (http://www.equestrianimports.com/shop/saddle-financing/info_12.html) & would be my choice re fitting assistance & saddle trials (different saddle selection so hopefully between the 2 shops you'll find something that works).