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Jan. 25, 2011, 05:17 AM
Hi...yes I am new to this forum. I'm from Victoria, Australia and coming to Rolex this year to spectate.

I am completely new to overseas travel and have become overwhelmed with looking for somewhere to stay in the Georgetown/Lexington area. It is so hard to know what is good value and what could be scary! I started looking up hotels online...found heaps of options, but am still not sure. :no:

Does anyone have any suggestions at the "budget" end of the scale? Myself and husband will be staying for 6 nights.

Any local knowledge and insights would be most appreciated. :) Small rooms are fine....rats and bedbugs are not! :lol:

Jan. 25, 2011, 07:42 AM
Anything in the Georgetown area is great... Probably in the vicinity of Cherry Blossom Way is best. It's a really easy commute to the KHP down 75, and the area is good.

Jan. 25, 2011, 07:51 AM
Got a good rate at the Microtel in Georgetown. Clean, quiet, nothing fancy, about a ten minute drive to the horse park.

khp vol
Jan. 25, 2011, 09:37 AM
I've heard good things about the Winner's Circle in Georgetown as far as a low-end hotel. It's locally owned and convenient to KHP.

Here's a more complete list of hotels in Georgetown and other areas outside Lexington:


For Lexington use this website:


Jan. 25, 2011, 09:44 AM
Check out the Eventing Sticky FAQ thread at the top of the Eventing Forum. There are all kinds of useful Rolex threads :)

Jan. 25, 2011, 10:02 AM
I've stayed at Lexington Relocation apartments numerous times while in Lexington. They're great if you want some room to stretch out and would like to cook for yourself. They don't provide anything in the way of staples in the kitchen (sugar, salt etc). But there are enough cooking utensils to get a simple meal on the table. They have 1, 2 and 3 bedrooms. The pricing is quite reasonable, especially if you've got a few people to share. The staff is quite nice to deal with as well. They offer apartments in a few of the large apartment complexes in town. Most are very convenient to KHP. www.lexingtonrelocation.com

Jan. 25, 2011, 07:21 PM
Thanks for the info guys. :) will go do some more reading.

Another question...what is the go with transport in the area? I hadn't given any thought to car hire (lol being used to driving on the other side of the road!)...but taxis could get expensive. Are there any buses etc? Sorry, I have no idea!

Jan. 25, 2011, 08:40 PM
Here's the website for the bus service in Lexington.


I'm from up the road in Kentucky but don't have any first hand knowledge of the bus service down there.... Just FYI Georgetown is in Scott county and Lexington is in Fayette County. Also, Scott county is a dry county (no liquor stores but can buy at a restaurant).

Jan. 25, 2011, 09:24 PM
Thanks for the info!

I have spent a few hours researching and it appears the microtel is booked out for Rolex dates, drat! Hampton Inn looking good, but the no cancel policy is a little worrying given we are coming a long way and stuff could happen.

I did ready about Georgetown being in a dry county...doesn't worry me too much, not much of a drinker these days. :)

Jan. 25, 2011, 09:28 PM
My husband and I are going, and we'll be staying in Motel 6 Lexington. Poor college students doncha know ;)

If you need help getting around just PM me. COTHers gotta stick together, even though you're new, you'll hang around. It's addictive. We will be driving there from Dallas so we'll have our car.

It's my first time going, I can't wait! Isn't it exciting?

Jan. 25, 2011, 10:13 PM
La Quinta in Georgetown was renovated for WEG and is very close to the park
If you can reserve a camp spot at the campground you can rent an RV, camp spot $350 for the week and very large RV 1000, slept 6 in it last year

Jan. 26, 2011, 08:29 AM
My friends and I used to stay at the Baymont Inn just off Winchester Road. Clean, close to the park, free breakfast, and decent rates.


Hopefully the link will take you to the right one!!

Jan. 26, 2011, 05:12 PM
Unfortunately the Baymont is booked out too! Same with La Quinta...

Is the Super 8 in Georgetown not too horrible? It is looking like my best bet. Either that or Days Inn...although not too sure about that one! I am used to camping in my trailer though, so it would take a lot to scare me!

Thanks for the offer Alg0181...will see how I go.

Jan. 26, 2011, 07:58 PM
I don't know if this is out of your price range, but we stayed at the Hyatt Place Lexington (http://www.lexington.place.hyatt.com/hyatt/hotels/place/index.jsp?src=agn_dtc_hp_lclb_gplaces_lexzl) for the WEG and I was really impressed. It was very new, beds were comfy, really nice staff and free breakfast.

Jan. 26, 2011, 09:44 PM
There is a Comfort Inn right next to the Baymont-- one year we came down here without a hotel reservation and they still had a few rooms available. I think it was around the same $ as Baymont, so that might be worth a call.:)

Jan. 27, 2011, 06:55 PM
Ok, I have some accom booked now, so that is under control.

Everyone I speak to tells me we'll need to hire a car. Is this definitely the case? The hotel I have booked is 5 miles from the Horse Park.

We'll be flying from London-Chicago-Blue Grass and arriving at night, so the last thing I will feel like is trying to drive around, in the dark, on the wrong side of the road after flying all day...you see, we are doing the Badminton-Kentucky double....2 4 stars in a week! :D My once in a lifetime thing.

Jan. 27, 2011, 08:02 PM
I'm sure you could get a taxi from the airport to the hotel when you arrive -- that's not a problem.

But it would be vastly more convenient for you to have a car once you have settled in -- you could get to the venue, to places to eat dinner, etc.

Local Lexington folks may be able to help regarding bus service, especially if you give us a better sense of where your hotel is.

In a perfect world, you'd connect with some folks (maybe here on COTH!) before you come, and be able to share rides etc. with them. It is a big extra expense and hassle to have a car, but it is hard to get from many hotels to Rolex and/or to restaurants without one!

Jan. 27, 2011, 09:09 PM
Unfortunately America goes everywhere by car..so I would recommend hiring a car...it's quite a bit of getting used to, driving on the "wrong" side of the road, but the nice thing is that the steering wheel is also changed. I went to University in the UK and was fine going between the US and the UK given the steering wheel was correct for the country I was in..I never could understand the folks with UK cars in the US and vice-versa: THAT would definitely mess me up! Asterix has a great suggestion..take a taxi if you do not wish to drive, but be prepared to wish you had a car or have lined up a bunch of COTHr's to haul you around...because the US is all about driving. We enjoyed going to Midway. KY during the WEG for dinners..but that is 10 miles west of Rolex..but I can guarantee you would enjoy the town unless you are all city-slickers...

Jan. 27, 2011, 11:03 PM
I have a motel booked in Georgetown...so will need to do a fairly hefty taxi ride when we arrive, as I think the whole hire car thing might be best tackled after a good night's sleep. :) I think we are too far out to be covered by Lexington's transport?

I am really looking forward to it, but have NO idea what to expect. My knowledge of the US is based on what I see on TV, so probably nothing like what it's really like (especially the country). I come from rural Australia and grew up on a farm, so the country side of things interests me.

We already have our Badminton accom lined up & the people we are staying with are happy to drive us to and from the horse trials (a short distance). UK seems very accessible by public transport, most places we are visiting there we won't need a car. :)