View Full Version : Custom Saddlery Icon Coda and polyflex trees?

Jan. 18, 2011, 02:13 PM
Hello - Well, I found my sport pony prospect and not surprisingly, he does not fit my Haffie's ridiculously wide Black Country saddle. The owner of my trainer's barn had the CS fitter out so I tried a bunch of saddles. We are a bit of a hard fit together. He is a pony so short backed, but does have a well defined wither and well sprung but sort of oblong barrel. He is sensiitive as well. I am short legged and have hip dysplasia. I liked the Wolfgang Solo and the Icon Coda. The Icon is a monoflap which I did feel helped put my leg on his side. It also seemed to sit into him better. My trainer, without being told it had a different tree, commented that he seemed to swing in his back more and seemed more comfortable in the Icon. It has a polyflex tree.

Of course, it is one of their most expensive saddles - YIKES!! I was just wondering if anyone has feedback on this saddle/model or polyflex trees. Is it worth it?

I noticed that CS has a lower end model (the Coronado?) that actually sells at Dover and has the monoflap and polyflex tree as well. I do think the seat is different, but I didn't try it.

Any comments or suggestions would be welcome - Its kind of scary to contemplate spending that much on a saddle!!