View Full Version : Teaching lateral work and changes in the Long Lines

Jan. 15, 2011, 11:24 AM
I do a lot of long lining, often before I ride. I am pretty darn efficient at introducing them, and doing the basics. I love, love, LOVE having that outside rein to really straighten the horse, and that inside rein for a little flexion. Has anyone ever taught lateral work or flying changes in the LL?

The reason I ask is that I have one horse who is VERY easy to bend and move laterally in the LL. I can easily have her going down the wall and ask her to do step into a hauches in. SI is a little harder, but we already do this under saddle, so she understands.

The other day she struck off into the canter in counter canter. I think I must have momentarily softened the outside rein too much when I asked her for canter. I applied inside rein, then outside to straighten and BINGO = clean flying change in the LL!! Not, getting her to switch back is another story, I am sure, but that was so cool and so much fun!!

I am going to switch my lines over to the heavier mountain climbing rope today, because I understand that a heavier line can be applied laterally to the horse easier (they will feel it more).

I would love to learn more about teaching lateral work and changes in hand. Anyone with experience?