View Full Version : HDR saddle problems

Jan. 10, 2011, 08:05 PM
About five or six years ago I bought a used HDR saddle; I'm not exactly sure what the type is or if this particular saddle is sold anymore.


When I ride, my position feels so screwed up and unbalanced and my ankles/calf on in pain and it feels like my leg is just not staying put. When I ride in other's saddles, I feel much more secure.

Is there anything about my saddle that might be causing this? The size is a 16 1/2 and I've been measured to fit that size saddle... but the measurements could've been wrong.

Also, would this sort of saddle be alright for eventing? What are recommended brands and types? I am probably going to start eventing this year and I have been a hunter/jumper my whole life.

Jan. 10, 2011, 08:16 PM
Saddles fit different people very differently - so whether or not it is a great saddle really is up to you - my favorite may not be yours. HDR saddles are a good value and fit some horses and riders really well - you just might not be one of them.

You can event in this kind of saddle - but if it is uncomfortable, I wouldn't ride a circle in it.

The placement of the stirrup bars, the twist, the flap placement and how the saddle fits on a particular horse all affect how it works for you as a rider, so it's sort of hard to say why it isn't right for you but if you have sat in other saddles you prefer, I might look for one of them.