View Full Version : Arena footing: Suggestions/Warnings/Help?

Jan. 6, 2011, 02:07 PM
Almost undoubtedly a repeat of an already existing thread, but what is everyone's 'choice' for footing?

The arena where I am is nice enough, or will be once I go in with a tractor and remove about half of it, till it up real good, solve drainage issue and figure out how to get rid of the rediculous fine river sand the contractors used.

It rains, the arena turns into soup, and is unusable. It dries up, the arena turns into cement we have to till before it can be dragged(drug?), and is even then relatively unusable.

Honestly the only time I've really used it was this summer when I let the grass take over and it was held together a little bit (and the grass soaked up the water faster). Even that was mostly for ponying kids around at a walk. Any real work I ride down to the neighbor's ring. What's the point in having an arena you can't use 90% of the time?

Been riding and working with horses as long as I can remember, but still new to a few of areas of management. Any suggestions welcome, even if its to bulldoze it, clear land at a higher level where the entire property doesn't drain to, and start over. Granted, it's not my property so I'd have to beg for that to happen, but still. All advise welcome!

Jan. 6, 2011, 07:14 PM
Base is what??

Jan. 6, 2011, 09:16 PM
pit fine, or 21a? I believe. Will re consult with the property owner as to what she believes was the contractors recipe for disaster. They mixed in this incredibly fine sand with the blue stone, and it's about 10 inches deep when we till it and remove all the grass. well past way too deep.

I want to just take all the footing, spread it in our sacrifice area (much larger than the arena so it can be spread thinner) and start anew as far as footing for riding goes.