View Full Version : Molecat, anyone??

Dec. 30, 2010, 11:12 PM
So we have a terrible mole and vole problem and I'm tired of my pasture looking like a moonscape. My partner has the usual assortment of traps and it just isn't his thing -- if he had to trap to feed us, we would starve!:eek:

I had seen in the Capital Press that a semi-local outfit has come up with this thing called a Molecat. Website is at http://molecat.com/
I'm considering trying one, but before I drop $100 on it, thought I'd see if anyone on here has tried them out or seen it in action?

We have enough yahoo neighbors out shooting all the time, I doubt the blank ammo blast will bother my horses. And if it works, maybe I could make my "investment" back by renting it out to the neighbors too...:)