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Dec. 26, 2010, 04:47 AM
Will these saddles fit a horse with shark finned withers? I hope this was okay to post. Still looking for a saddle. Are these comfy?

M. Toulouse Aachen Genisis Seat Size: 17.5" Only $1,595.00

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We have it, you want it!
The "new" M. Toulouse Aachen with the Genisis tree. Soft leather, deep seat , nice knee block and adjustable rear block. This saddle has an adjustable gullet. You will never get off your horse! Availability: Available
Status: New
Condition: Excellent
Style: Dressage
Seat Size: 17.5
Tree Size: Adjustable
Color: Black
Knee Rolls: Yes
Thigh Blocks: No
Rear Blocks: Yes
Flap Type: Padded
Panel Construction: Wool and Gusseted
Flap Length: Regular
Flap Length In Inches: 16.5
Flap Position: Regular

On new saddles use tube socks to cover your leathers
The trial period is one week from when you receive the saddle. Please call if you need an extension

Have Fun!!

Dec. 26, 2010, 08:50 PM
I have a Toulouse Aachen...and I LOVE it. The Toulouse dressage saddles have a deep seat. I removed the blocks as I have short legs. It's nice that they have the removeable blocks. I was able to find my saddle - used (about 4 times) for $700.

The Genesis system is new for them...and the dressage saddles aren't going to be at my local tack shop until January/February.

As for fit - I have a 16 year old Trakehner gelding - 16.1 hh and I have the medium width for him and it fits beautifully. He has lost some weight with the change in weather and has the shark fin wither you speak of. I use an Equi-Prix dressage saddle pad along with a wither relief pad with sheepskin. It works beautifully. When he gains weight back...I will remove the wither relief pad.

Happy Saddle Shopping:)

Dec. 26, 2010, 09:37 PM
Does anyone know where they are made? I typically do not like Argentinian leather..So I hope it isn't from there. The price makes it attractive. I may just have to look anyway.
There is a tack shop near me that will do trade ins so if Ic ould trade mine in and not have to wait to sell it that would be great.

Dec. 26, 2010, 09:53 PM
I have an older (maybe 3-5 years old) Aachen (16.5 M) in beautiful condition (no scratches, cracks, intact billets, etc) that I picked up for around $450 earlier this year. My mare has well defined withers and WIDE shoulders and with some minor reflocking it is fitting her very nicely.
Her saddle has a lot of wither clearance and I imagine it would work well with some shark-fin withers if the horse was broad through the shoulder. The way my saddle is cut I think it would sit lower on a slab-sided horse but since I have an older model that might not be applicable for you.
Overall I have been thrilled with the quality of the leather and workmanship. Good luck!