View Full Version : What does my trailer weigh?

Dec. 25, 2010, 12:47 PM
4-Star 4-horse head-to-head. Sticker on the trailer says the GAWR is 7000 lb, and the GVWR is 19700... but what does it weigh empty? Is there somewhere else on the sticker I should be looking, or somewhere online I can find out? Even a ballpark will do; I'm trying to determine whether my Super Duty F-250 can haul it, or if I have to take the F-350 dually I normally (and easily) haul it with.


Dec. 25, 2010, 01:07 PM
Check the title. The title to my 4-star trailer lists the empty weight of the trailer. IIRC, my 2+1 (without a dressing room) weighs about 4,200 pounds empty.

Dec. 25, 2010, 01:16 PM
Duh! The title. Of course! Thanks!

Lest anyone was curious, 6090lb. :)

Dec. 25, 2010, 04:37 PM
have the towing vehicle and trailer scaled at a truck stop or a quarry, then take the towing vehicle back and reweigh it by itself ….you would be surprised at weigh of all the extra junk you have in it

We used to weigh our horses an the drive on scales at the quarry once a year... cost a dollar a head... ( the weight tapes are within 50 pounds of being correct for our guys)

Dec. 26, 2010, 10:29 AM
have the towing vehicle and trailer scaled at a truck stop or a quarry, t....

Call ahead or check while in a passenger vehicle to make sure you can do this. The local truck stop where I thought to go to get my rig weighed was such a zoo of commercial 18 wheelers that I decided it was not a good place to go. Luckily I learned this while in the car.