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Dec. 22, 2010, 09:03 AM
I know some of you all are super organized and can give me some ideas on how to organize my new trailer! I have a gooseneck 4 horse trailer, and will be using the trailer for showing and some trail rides. Any suggestions/pictures for ideas to keep the dressing room organized? What do you keep in the gooseneck of the trailer? Any ides on a water tank in the corner? thanks!!!

Heart's Journey
Dec. 22, 2010, 10:07 AM
I camp, so my rear tack is chock full of items as the LQ is for my stuff

The key is to get things up high off the floor so the floor space is available for things that have to be there and so you can move around.

Bridle hooks can be used for bridles, halters, leads, hoses, rakes, broom, etc I use carabiners to attach to items & then hang from the bridle hooks (cantle bags, girths, breast collar, tie-out rope, tree savers, knot eliminators, white flat hose, etc) I have some of the portable single long hooks & have them closest to the door so I keep the stuff I use the most there as I can reach it the easiest.

blanket bars - great for hanging saddle pads, blankets, etc

brush trays - mine came with 1, so I added 2 more - note these are on the door. They hold brushes, hoof picks, hoof file, hoof boots, first aid kit, meds, shampoos, fly masks, fly spray, fence charger, etc tons of stuff, easy to reach & put back in the same place. the hanging aprons work well too

folding step from WalMart is great for reaching stuff in the back, mounting block, getting into the horse area, etc and doesn't take up alot of space

Tire saver (sloped to use for changing tires, keep in the rear tack & the step rests on it)

6 gallon water container - always keep water with you

large & small buckets, feed pan

folding chairs (3) that fold up into a bag, fit in the back corner of the rear tack, fence tape on a roll for the electric pen

I have a 30 gallon water tank in the GN which goes to the sink and cowboy shower. You might want to add one along with a water pump, battery to run it, and an outside spicket for hosing your horse down or for water.

you would be amazed at how much stuff I am able to fit in here and it gets used all the time. I leave Fri for a 10 day trip and camp about 15 times a year along with 2-3 day rides a month. have horse/trailer will travel....

Dec. 22, 2010, 11:26 AM
The best way to get a first handle on organization is look at how some other folks with trailers like yours do things. You'll get both "do bes" and "don't bes." Both are important! :)

I've got a 35 gal. corner water tank in the rear tack area. Frankly, I don't use it much. On longer trips I'll fill it.

We also have three plastic "tote boxes" (got 'em at Walmart and Family Dollar). One has trailer gear (water hoses, electrical cables, awning anchors, etc.). One has tack (shipping wraps, hobbles, saddle bags, etc.). The third carries fencing and misc. items (insulators, electric tape, charger, and anything else that I think I need that won't fit in the other two boxes).

We have a "grooming apron" on the tack room door with brushes, fly spray, etc. There's also a tray on the door that has heavy or messy stuff (back up handle for the electrically powered jack, oil, Break Free, etc.).

Don't forget the matress (inflateable or otherwise) for the gooseneck, along with some blantets and pillows. You'll be glad you didn't. :)

I will be a half dozen or so trips before you get your system down; then other folks can come and see you for ideas!!! :lol:


Dec. 22, 2010, 12:18 PM
Great suggestions here from folks who use their trailers more than I do.

From personal experience I can only add:

Nothing like arriving at a 3-day show without shampoo for myself OR a comfortable pair of shoes to change into.
:uhoh: or worst of all:
arriving at the campground - 2h+ from home without a girth for my saddle.
Luckily I could borrow a spare from a friend.... and found mine hanging on the gate when I got home :o

Dec. 22, 2010, 01:50 PM
I have a plastic three drawer dresser in my dressing room. Bottom drawer holds spare leads, hay nets/bags, trailer manufacter's pamplets that came with the trailer, middle drawer holds towels in various sizes, top drawer has spare show gloves, tail wraps, vet wrap, tail bag, furacin, other basic first aid stuff, spare hair net, duct tape, easy boot, bell boot, real baling twine, double ended snaps, copies of coggins.
I have a grooming kit in one of the soft grooming bags. That hangs from one of the bridle hooks.
I use the small 2.5 G buckets for wash buckets. I put the sponges & scraper in the small buckets and then put them in the 5 G water buckets. I then use a carabiner to hang them from the end of my blanket bar.

The fire extinguisher is on the door of my trailer so it is right there if I ever need it. Also on the door is a tire pressure gauge & a flashlight.

I only have a 2 horse with dressing room.

Dec. 22, 2010, 02:57 PM
Some must-haves for stocking your trailer (especially if you show):
-roll of regular duct tape
-roll of black duct tape (great for fixing tack oopsies in a pinch)
-black sharpie marker
-regular ink pens
-safety pins!!! of all different sizes.
-a notebook with blank paper (you never know when you want to write something down)
-photocopies of coggins -- i make about 10 copies per horse as soon as I get them back from the vet. That way I always have them if show management needs to keep one on file.
-human first aid kit
-a mirror (I use a magnetic locker mirror that i can stick to the side of the trailer!)
-if you want to go all out, a marker board + dry erase markers can be a fun and useful thing to have too! write down ride times...practice showmanship patterns...

I have a plastic three drawer dresser in my dressing room.

I only have a 2 horse with dressing room.

Ditto this. My trailer is an older 2-horse with NOTHING built in...not even built in saddle racks... plastic bins are THE BEST. (the rubbermaid/sterilite/etc. from target or walmart) I have 2 of the large 3-drawer kind...plus other larger 50gal totes for larger items. I show out of my trailer oftentimes and this makes it very easy to stay organized--every item has a drawer or tote that it goes in. When we do get stalls at a show, it is very easy to load the bins onto a cart and move in to our tack stall. I like my bins to be clear so that i can see what is inside. Use tape & a marker to label everything so that you know what item belongs to what bin!

I also like bins for grooming supplies, as opposed to a built in brush box or something like that. I feel like it keeps the mess of hair and dirt better contained and I don't have to vaccuum out the dressing room as often (which is something that I HATE doing.) Instead i put dirty items back in their bin before it even goes back in the trailer, and then when we get home, rinse out the bin.

For the first couple of years with my trailer I was constantly changing things around and getting a system going but now that I've found something that works, it's great!

Dec. 22, 2010, 04:18 PM
Ditto for getting stuff OFF the floor and ON the walls...unfortunately none of the trailers I've looked at ever maximize that mostly-unused space!

Look at this company's stuff! Droolworthy for maximizing your trailer storage space! Go to 'testimonials' to see great pictures of what customers have done in their dressing rooms!


When I buy a new trailer (soon) it will have a much smaller dressing room, since no one seems to make them as big as the one I have now, and I want no mangers in my next trailer - so I have to give up that storage space.

I am also a 'everything but the kitchen sink' sort and do not want to have to 'pare down' the stuff that is always packed in my trailer.

Dec. 22, 2010, 10:04 PM
(1) Go to the Container Store

(2) Have a drawer-gasm.

Oh yes, it satisfied my OCD fantasies. They even had a magnetic paper towel holder!! (sorry if you have an aluminum trailer, I use a TON of magnetic stuff to organize, it's awesome)

Dec. 23, 2010, 02:15 AM
Thanks everyone! Love the "drawer-gasm" concept...:lol:

Tom King
Dec. 23, 2010, 09:41 AM
Rivnuts to mount stuff where it doesn't look like you can.


I have an installation too that looks like a rivet gun, but their manual installation tool looks like it works just fine. They have a video on their home page.

Dec. 23, 2010, 11:48 AM
I have added a shower curtain rod in the dressing room of my trailer. I hang blankets on this rod. I've also added a couple of portable tack hooks to the rod so I can get buckets, etc. off of the floor. The more free floor space you have, the more functional the dressing room will be.

Fancy That
Jun. 5, 2013, 02:53 PM
I'm bumping this old thread back up because I just got a really nice "new to me" GN trailer with a insulated and lined dressing room/sleeping area, but I want to ORGANIZE THE HECK OUT OF IT :)

So far, here is what I'm doing - but I want to see MORE IDEAS AND PHOTOS! I love the Organized Barn site. I'm thinking of buying E-Track or Rubbermaid's version of it to put in the first horse stall (it has a stud divider and I am adding a walk through door, so it'll mostly be used for cargo, mud room, cowboy shower, porta potty etc) (I still have 3 more stalls even if I dedicate the first stall for utility :)

So here is what I'm installing:
- 39 gallon slant corner upright water tank with water pump (to use for washing horses, or at camp....the pump is neccessary to use with an Eccotemp portable hot washer ....for human showers or horse bathing when coldish)

- Tons of storage boxes/cubes from Way Basics, to create steps into bed, and storage right next to door. I can't put a grooming organizer on the door since it has a "real camper screen door on it"

- Had to add a deep cycle battery to be able to run interior lights and water pump when unhitched/boon-docking. (but that is going outside under gooseneck)

- I'm going to move the current placement of bridle hooks and put them on the slant wall, so I can build a shallow closet/more storage on the short wall

- In the bed area, since my trailer is so large, I'm putting a storage/cabinet/cubes in the nose and on the SIDE of the bed. I'm thinking of putting a shirt closet on the bulkhead wall

I'd love to see pics of how folks have organized! Lots of great ideas with the drawers, etc.

Anyone else use e-track?