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Dec. 16, 2010, 01:32 PM
It's about 5 and a half feet wide and 9 feet long after subtracting out the washer drier and the utility closet. It's nothing but a mess of sodden coveralls and muddy boots, bits of hay everywhere and melting snow with dirt = more mud. The door opens right into the washer door so you have to close one to open the other and you really need to have a trash bag on the floor to make sure that freshly washed things don't wind up in the mud. Your path takes you right along the wall so the wall is useless for hanging jackets, and the other side has utility closet and heater doors that are really too cheap/not meant to hang things on. I knew it was too small when we bought the place, and since it has no access to a bathroom without traipsing through the master and getting to the kitchen requires going through the carpeted hallway, I may be doodling my perfect mudroom just because one day . . .

Ideally it would be wider,say 8 feet, and have two parts or a heated porch. The porch would have plenty of wall space for hanging all the coveralls and jackets on one side, and a place to hang halters and leads, a shoe rack and the boot pull and mud pans on the other. The door would be dead center and open into the jackets and the boot pan and pull would be right there on the other side so we only had to step once or twice to get the boots off. The next room would have a big laundry tub with a drainboard for mixing meds and the hot water heater on one side and the furnace and the washer and drier on the other (and if we really want the perfect mudroom it'd have a door to a small bathroom+shower and the kitchen. Lots of doublewides have that - we just got the one that was kustom built by some guy with several plans and a pair of scissors).

Tell me about your mudrooms, the good the bad and the ugly!

pony grandma
Dec. 16, 2010, 02:12 PM
We've had mudroom threads before. It's right up there on the list with gravel and stone dust :D

My ideal would be a scored concrete floor with a drain in the middle and a hose on the wall. Whose big idea is those houses with the powder room and the white yuppie carpeting?

Yes. back door - SIZE - hanging wall, laundry tub, shower basin for dog clean-ups, table in the middle for tack cleaning (crafts, laundry sorting etc.) Laundry shelves next to a utility shower, clean clothes to change into. Big tubs for dirty stuff, space for recycling. And an air lock entry - back porch, maybe dreaming a dog door entry too (but gramps hates those b/c of the raccoons) with a kennel attachment for when you have to leave a dog at home alone. If it had a closed top then the coon prob is solved.

Basically we have to do our own house builds to get the design right. No one hears us. Second floor bedroom laundry will never work!

Dec. 16, 2010, 02:24 PM
IMHO a mud room can never be big enough!! At least not for me. My hubby says I am like a vapor--I fill any empty space available ;-)

In my perfect world I would want not only big but with alot surfaces to hang bulky things on and to put muddy boots and shoes on that would let the mud fall thru.

If someone ever comes up with one they could make a fortune selling the plans.

Dec. 16, 2010, 02:46 PM
I have a purfect mud room. :winkgrin:

The realtors call it a garage. :lol: It has heat, laundry, plenty of room, can double as a place to park cars.

Dec. 16, 2010, 02:49 PM
I know, Pony Grandma, but isn't it an annual ritual? I moved things around over the summer and it is still_not_big_enough. Or set up well. Sigh.

Plans are good, but I'm stuck with this badly set up space. But ideas are always good!

Heated garage JD? I envy you. DH and I would be fighting it out over that space.

Dec. 16, 2010, 04:13 PM
I'm a month or so out from completing our new house on the farm. When we first started working with the architect I told him I wanted a "big mudroom." The first set of rough sketches had some dinky room. I told him, "no, I said I wanted a big mudroom."

The second set of rough drawings had it slightly bigger--but still--dinky. Finally I looked at him drew a square about the size of the bedrooms and said, "It's a farmhouse. On a farm. Farms have mud. Real mud, not suburban brown stuff that just looks like mud. Give me a BIG mudroom." He blinked a couple times and asked what all the hell I was planning to put in this mudroom.

* A wall of hooks for coats and stuff with storage above for hats, gloves, etc. and storage below for shoes and boots.
* A closet to hold all my husbands coats and he has two coats for every 10° change in the weather so a BIG closet.
* A area for dog beds and dog stuff
* A stand up desk beside the door to dump my purse and sort the mail and bills
* A big sink (that has a tack hook over it.)
* A washer and dryer
* Counter space to fold clothes
* A hanging rack for wet clothes
* A full size refridgerator and a full size freezer.
* Another big closet with nothing but shelves for all my bulk purchases and cleaning supplies
* More cabinet space for storage of things like coolers and laundry baskets
* A bathroom

He blinked some more. Then told me--and this is key--you don't need a bigger room, you need more wall space. So he drew a line 3/4 through my big square dividing the room in half and giving me more wall space. Now I have a utility area and an entrance area with a bathroom just off it. No drain in the floor, but the floors are a dried mud brown limestone. :lol:

Now, if we could just get it FINISHED so I could move in!

Dec. 16, 2010, 04:44 PM
I know exactly what you mean by needing BIG! Our last house had a cozy little mud/utility room that was pretty worthless - nice but too small. When we added on to our present house, we took our entire sun deck and made an enclosed sunroom with part of it and a 14 X 14 mudroom. The washer and dryer are in my regular utility room so I had plenty of space for coats, boots, clutter, etc. I don't know how I ever survived without it.

Dec. 16, 2010, 05:01 PM
Heated garage JD? I envy you. DH and I would be fighting it out over that space.

Heat = it wont freeze . you can take off your muddy clothes and dump em in the washer before you skedaddle upstairs.
heat does not mean shorts can be worn. ;)

Dec. 16, 2010, 05:07 PM
My side door goes right into the kitchen.:( Where at present I have hay soaking in a rubbermaid tub, and beet pulp pellets soaking in a 5 gallon bucket. Now that we have lots of snow there is less mud. At my farmette, it's all about the animals... I do a lot of spot-cleaning and hope someday the spots will merge.....

Dec. 16, 2010, 05:23 PM
Best thing I did in my mudroom was install a kitty door. It's in the door to the kitchen. Cat food and litter are in the mudroom, dogs don't have access now :)

Dec. 16, 2010, 05:45 PM
We added a mudroom and a laundry room and a small bathroom onto the house a couple of years ago--best thing we ever did.

I've posted pictures of it before. It's actually very functional as well as being pretty.


Dec. 16, 2010, 05:50 PM
OMG I heart my mudroom. It's my favorite room LOL

Dec. 16, 2010, 05:54 PM
Second floor bedroom laundry will never work!

LOL, it's for the delicates, like jeans and sweaters! :winkgrin:

Blume Farm
Dec. 16, 2010, 05:56 PM
What a timely thread! I am in the process of having a mudroom addition on my house right now! I am hoping they will be done in about 2 more weeks. It is about 16X14 and due to the grade of my land has about 5 steps that then lead up through the side door into the kitchen (where I used to enter my house).

It is essentially a 3-sided structure built off the end of my home. One wall will have a coat closet and built in bench for taking on/off boots. The other two new walls are all windows. My mudroom will also house my pottery wheel and kiln, wash sink, and pottery drying racks along the wall that was originally the exterior wall of the house.

I am debating right now whether to leave the floors cement (as they are now) or lay some type of tile down. I am using T&G planks for the walls and ceiling.

My inspiration was this mudroom I saw on HGTV. I love the colors and the plank walls.


Dec. 16, 2010, 06:24 PM
We added a mudroom and a laundry room and a small bathroom onto the house a couple of years ago--best thing we ever did.

I've posted pictures of it before. It's actually very functional as well as being pretty.


I remember those cabinets. Lovely.

Now, the comment previous about needing more wall space is spot on. One of the things that makes this mudroom such a pain is the door orientation. They both open into the room and have the opening side just about even with the only long wall. So I have this great long wall to hang coats on but the direct route into the house hugs that wall. We could swap out the doors and have them open on the other side, which would make us move off that wall and free it up, but that would make life with the washer even more interesting. I got a bread rack thingie and it is quite useful but it is sitting perpendicular to the walls so moving the doors around will mean I have to find something else for the grooming tote and stuff like the swimming pool pump that has to be stored above freezing temps.

We put a pocket door in the old house and it was great but took forever to do, we had to make a custom door for the odd sized space which was right under the roofline. The doublewide has very thin walls, they'd probably present the same issues.

And I too had two buckets of beet pulp and alfalfa cubes soaking in the kitchen an hour ago.

I know what I want, but remodeling a double wide is, well I guess it is worth it in terms of ease of use, but we'll never get the investment back. I tell my dad I've never had such a big small house before, the closets and storage are a joke, it's all great big rooms and hallways.

Dec. 17, 2010, 11:15 AM
Sad state of affairs when I look at house plans according to how big the utility/mud room is--for dogs, horse stuff, people taking care of horses stuff, and indestructable flooring.

I have found one plan, a modular, with a huge mud/utility room. In addition, it has a walk-in pantry that goes the width of the kitchen.

Or as DH says-small house, big barn!

Oh yeah, buckets of beet pulp soaking in either the kitchen or bathtub. Gotta love winter!

Dec. 17, 2010, 11:20 AM
But then again, my car looks like a mudroom.
At least a friend made me feel better-she said I have a "farm car".

Dec. 17, 2010, 12:03 PM
our mudroom is 10x12 with a double wide closet which has a california closet sytem in it to hang lots of coats and a shoe rack...on the one short wall,i have 6 hooks 3 high 3 low to hang daily used coats, a metal 5 drawer rack for all the hats,mittens,gloves scarves for a family of 4, a table to drop all the incidentals in your hands on the way in the house, a kiity litter, and an old wooden trunk to sit on for boots removal, etcwhich also doubles for more storage...it is tiled a nice dirt color, it has a door to close off from the rest of the house, once thru that doorway, you move into a laundry areawith W/D and 3 upper and lower cabinets, the big freezer and 2nd fridge, just past that is what was suppose to be my baking center with upper and lower level cabinets, and because well, who has time to bake:winkgrin:, is now the dog feeding station, with dog food for 4, in cabinets, finally you come to the bath, and wet bar:yes:, so by the time I walk into the kitchen I am ready for anything!! Only thing missing is an area for 3 large kennels to house the dogs when they've been running wild on the farm...Those are kept in the Living romm, noone else uses that room so why not!!

Dec. 17, 2010, 10:07 PM
Am I the only one who would add a washer big enough for Horse blankets???? I HATE running to the laundry mat to do those. I also want enough space to spread the blanket out to re waterproof. So, lots of windows to air out that SMELL!!!!!

Whoever posted the HGTV mudroom, it's cute and all, but it's a yuppie mudroom. Just wait till you got at it with coats, boots, beetpulp, etc.... At total yuppie mess! I saw a great, huge mudroom it was the size of a big livingroom, and some dink like Nate Berkus, who I like by the way, re did it. Yellow walls, sisal carpet, and those benches with backs and storage under the seats, parsons benches I think. I was having a slow coronary!!

Ah, big mudrooms, what a lovely thought!!