View Full Version : New field boots

Dec. 12, 2010, 12:49 PM
How, exactly, should they fit when brand new?

Mine are quite snug through the calf, but loose at the very top (1-2 fingers), and they feel 'big' around the ankle. Height is fine-they're a little tall at the moment, but I know that will change as they break in-it's the fit around the calf/ankle that I'm mostly worried about.

Thank you!

Dec. 12, 2010, 03:19 PM
I'm not an expert, but I just bought new boots two months ago. Had been fairly big in the ankle but definately have "folded" to fit to my ankle.
Do they have a zipper?
Of course they felt great for the first month (ankle-wise), and now one KILLS my left foot half an inch below the ankle, yet other foot is fine. I can find no rhyme or reason for it. Nothing like paying $800 for a whole lot of pain.

Dec. 12, 2010, 03:45 PM
If these are custom I wouldn't be satisfied with the fit, if they're off the rack, I'd look at different manufacturers - all leather will stretch so they really need to be on the tight side if you want a "close contact" fit, they should also be 1-2cm too tall as they will settle around your ankle.