View Full Version : Useful winter show clothes (for horse)

Nov. 18, 2010, 09:20 AM
As we are embarking on the first winter where we might be doing a few weekend shows (local, B and C rated), I am realizing my horse clothes wardrobe may need a few additions. Was hoping to get some opinions from you winter show veterans about what pieces would be most useful.

I have: turnout sheet, turnout blanket (midweight, 220g), blanket liner (200g). He has an Irish clip right now (chest, half neck, half belly, girth) so he lives in the midweight for most of the winter, adding the liner when it gets below 20. He will be fully clipped when the shows come around (Jan/Feb) so I imagine he will start living in the liner plus midweight at that point.

I don’t own any stable blankets because the horses go out every day unless it is raining and it is just one less thing for the barn staff to have to change. I have washable fleece “barn” quarter sheet and coolers....and then I do have nicer “show” wool quarter sheets and cooler. So I am okay there. I just don’t think I want to take the horse in his dirty, stinky midwinter turnout clothes to the show and was thinking about getting a stable blanket for him for the shows.

Temps will probably be in the 20-40 range during the day (indoor ring is heated, barns aren't), and probably in teens at night. So do I get a heavyweight stable blanket (400+g) or a midweight (200g) stable blanket to use with the existing 200g blanket liner? The midweight/liner gives me more flexibility, but I do like the idea of a simple one piece HW blanket.

We aren’t a fancy barn – so custom matching clothes are not required. Just want them to be neat/tidy and I am going to do my best to get the blanket in the barn color just because I like the look.

Nov. 18, 2010, 10:04 AM
I have found that a liner+sheet+midweight stable blanket takes care of about anything I ever wanted at a horse show, although I will admit I don't venture out in the cold often - but here in the South sheet+liner takes care of most situation, so add a stable blanket and you are good.

Schneiders liners are the best. Those things get me through more blanket emergencies than anything!