View Full Version : Ring fee for ouside trainer

Nov. 13, 2010, 12:55 PM
How much do you charge to allow a boarder to have an outside trainer come in and teach her when the barn already employs 2 resident trainers who are highly competant in the diciplines they teach...
Do you even allow this??

Nov. 13, 2010, 01:20 PM
Well... you need to decide if your intention is neutral or punitive with respect to a boarder who wants to import her own pro.

You need to decide if it is financially and politically better or worse for you to run a "closed barn." That will depend on your resident pros. It will also depend on your boarders' desires and needs.

If the boarder's pro does something your residents don't-- a different discipline, special work with young or problem horses, you may be able to be a good diplomat and allow your boarder her import. If her guru simply exceeds the homeboys at their own discipline, well, best of luck to you. It will blow up, sooner or later.

If you have decided to do an "open barn" then you need to set a reasonable, non-punitive rate. It's not fair, professional or direct to let a fee schedule do your talking for you.

I have seen ring fees vary from $10 a pop to $25. The $25 was in a very high rent area for a big, well-maintained indoor. I paid it on a once-in-a-while basis for an imported pro. I couldn't afford to make that a regular thing. Even adding $10 a week onto my regular lessons in other situations made me think.

But I did and paid what I had to in order to get the right kind of help. It helped that I had asked the BO first and said *nothing* to other boarders about why I preferred an exotic pro. Your boarder needs to understand that she is creating a slight PITA for you at best and a potential disaster at worst. If she can't be counted on to know you are doing her a favor and return it with politically-savvy behavior, then you'd be better off running a closed barn as a matter of policy.