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hillary again
Nov. 12, 2010, 12:36 AM
I am looking for a shaped baby pad - one which will fit under my cc saddle.
i bought a set of 3 of these a million years ago - and they have finally all worn out. they were the Roma brand from Miller's (this really dates them).

Any ideas? I love these - very, very thin and perfect under a half pad.

Nov. 12, 2010, 11:23 AM
When you say "shaped" are you referring to a thin quilted pad that is shaped like a fleece hunter pad? If so, I haven't seen one of those in a while. They were great for the summer...

If you are just referring to a baby pad that is slightly contoured rather than a plain square - you can find those lots of places - here is an example from smartpak:


Nov. 12, 2010, 11:24 AM
Too funny, I was just in farm house the other day and they had a pack of them. I was giving them some serious consideration.. they where white pack of 3.. sounds like what your looking for.. call them they might still be there.. ask for vicki --I bet she could find just about everything they sell in that place with in the dark with her hands tied behind her back.. lol!

Nov. 12, 2010, 11:45 AM
I love baby pads, and the fitted ones sound like they would be really nice! If anyone finds a website for them, please post here!

Nov. 12, 2010, 01:16 PM

Bit of Britain has the ones that are shaped like a fitted pad, they are by Mattes, the link I provided is without sheepskin. It also is available with sheepskin.

Nov. 12, 2010, 01:22 PM
Stateline used to carry them. I loved to use them under my half pad. No bulk under my leg, and kept my saddle clean. I hated half pads, but thats what fitted my horse the best, and let my short legs get nearer my horse. These were really light weight quilted shaped pads.

Nov. 13, 2010, 08:34 PM
If you want a true baby pad-- i.e., THIN pad just there to keep the saddle clean-- try the Eous pads. Horseloverz sells them; I have 4 of them. They're contoured through the wither and have girth straps.

My OTTB has incredibly shark-finned withers, and the regular square baby pads were a P.I.T.A. The Eous pads, however, are great...

Nov. 14, 2010, 02:33 AM
Dover may have their issues, but they do have baby pads (http://www.doversaddlery.com/product.asp?pn=X1-1923&ids=1000955972) that are shaped in front to accommodate a saddle flap, concave across the top to accommodate a horse's back, and have straps. They are often $9-10 on sale.

Are the SmartPak ones linked above concave across the top like the Dover ones. They look straight across in the linked photo.

hillary again
Dec. 10, 2010, 03:36 AM
Thanks for the answers! I ordered from the Farm House but did not get what i expected.

The service was great, but the item is different than what i expected.

What i want:
- super light weight - the ones i bought like 10 years ago are about the thickness of a sweatshirt. They are very, very thin foam sandwiched inside of cotton. They came in a pack of 3, Roma brand.

I got something quite different and will work with the store on it. These are too thick and have way too much foam (don't see how these will even fit in the washing machine).

Any ideas?

Dec. 10, 2010, 04:13 AM
I haven't seen these in person but is this what you are looking for?


Dec. 10, 2010, 09:46 AM
Dover!! Peggy posted a link to the ones we have. They're great. They don't bunch up like some baby pads and are usually $9.99 or so on sale. They also make nice gifts, come in nice colors, and take a monogram well ;)

Dec. 10, 2010, 11:53 AM
The Clothes Horse - www.theclotheshorse.com - has the best pads ever!

And if you're specifically looking for a particular shape, we can make it for you.

Dec. 11, 2010, 03:00 PM
Horse Country in Warrenton Va. sells really nice shaped baby pads that are great to use with a Mattes half pad over it to hunt and or show.

All Purpose Heavy Shaped Baby Pad

hillary again
Dec. 13, 2010, 10:05 PM
Thank you petal storm! this looks like the item. I want ultrathin.... I have two custom pad makers who have offered to work with me on this item.

hillary again
Dec. 29, 2010, 10:27 PM
I have not been able to find this pad anywhere.

Good news:
I found a custom pad maker who has replicated this item for me.

And the best news: i found this company via COTH BB.

Thanks to uniquesaddlepads.com for the help!

These are great - i use them 1 or 2 times and then wash them easily in my own washing machines.

Dec. 29, 2010, 11:25 PM
Are the SmartPak ones linked above concave across the top like the Dover ones. They look straight across in the linked photo.

No. Ask me how I know this. And until I ordered an embroidered one, the description was more vague, and didn't specify that the girth billets and wither relief was only on the dressage version. Sigh...

I like the fleeceworks baby pads - super lightweight, shaped, girth straps, and I think a tad longer than the average baby pad. Not exactly the cheapest baby pad out there though...

Jan. 1, 2011, 11:14 AM
Thanks! I'm soo glad that we were able to help you out! :D