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Nov. 11, 2010, 03:58 PM
Hi all...

I'm from N Idaho, and started riding at 6. So...I've been astride for nearly 25 years. Mainly western-reining, working cow horse, roping, rodeos (yes, I was even a queen...twice:winkgrin: and you KNOW what they say about rodeo queens!) But I really can ride. :lol:

I have always had-to the dismay of my parents-a fetish for jumping. I blame it on William Steinkraus in the-what-'88 olympics? Snowbound? Yes, I think so. I did a fair amount of dressage a few years ago, then life-baby, divorce, etc-left me horseless.

I picked up a little horse two weeks ago, he's an '04 model, and moves like a dream. http://www.equineline.com/Free-5X-Pedigree.cfm?page_state=ORDER_AND_CONFIRM&reference_number=7193473&registry=T&horse_name=Explosive%20Powder&dam_name=Black%20Powder&foaling_year=2004&nicking_stats_indicator=Y

He appears to be bred decently for jumping-from what I can tell-St Simon, Bay Ronald, Rondeu, Teddy, Bayardo, Chaucer, Dark Ronal, Son in Law, Hyperion, Fair Play, a little Torbillon and a LOT of The Tetrarch-and a bunch of other 'Gods' show up quite a lot in 10 gen's. Whether that's close enough to warrant mention, I don't know.

I haven't had the time to get TOTALLY up to speed on everyone in his lines, but he's a grandson of Explodentm which I think is pretty good? He's my second OTTB (the first was a wonderful Jazzin Around son...I miss him dearly!)

I got him-literally-for a song, and though he's very wasted over his topline and painfully thin (he tapes at 985, and ribs/backbone are visible through his winter coat!), he goes barefoot (and has lovely big round hard feet!)

His mind is amazing, so even if he doesnt' jump, he'll make a nice 'using horse' (I do a lot of ranch work as well-its a weird combo, I know!) He's a little butthigh, and I'm sure, at six, he won't even out-though I did have an AQHA mare (not foundation bred at all!) grow an inch between 6 & 7 years.

Would anyone please comment on his breeding? I would love some information from those 'in the know'-as much as I would like to think otherwise, I don't know much about TB breeding, other than the obvious racing stock. And if I'm in the wrong forum, please let me know!

Thanks for the help! If anyone has any words of wisdom with horses along these lines-temperament, soundness, etc-I'd be very interested to hear.

Thank you!

Nov. 11, 2010, 04:04 PM
If you want breeding specific advice, there is a breeding forum here further on down the main index page.


Really unless you have your heart set on doing the First Years or Bust with this horse, you should be a-ok starting off a little jumpykinsing. Most horses in good programs can be at least servicable to 3', even if they don't have the form or step to be really competitive. It is not so easy to find the 3'6" stylist, but conversely it is pretty difficult to find one that's hopeless, too.

So, you already have this horse.
You'd like to try jumping him a little bit.
Who cares how he's bred?
Find a trainer and see how it goes. In all likelihood he'll turn out fine, and you guys will have a nice time together while you are at it.