View Full Version : Past Experience/Working Student Positions

Nov. 10, 2010, 02:07 PM
If you were picking a trainer and reading on their background, what names of the people they trained with/worked under would you expect to see and what names would impress you?

Also for a young adult looking for working students positions, what barns or trainers would you recommend they work with and that are still providing that opportunity to students?

I hope that makes sense. I am never good at explaining what I mean. :rolleyes:

Nov. 11, 2010, 03:37 PM
I'm in the same boat, looking for a working student position, but for me, the key is location. My process went as follows:

- search COTH for nearby farms that are recommended
- pick those that are within my feasible radius (20 miles, found 3)
- e-mail or call to find out a good time to visit
- go visit and lesson at each place with the trainer

Some farms are even generous enough to give you a complimentary lesson so that you can feel it out. I was very upfront with my situation, that I would love to ride but as an undergrad senior the cost is too prohibitive for me. I needed a job, be it mucking stalls, feeding, tacking, medicating, hand walking, suspensory rehab rides of trot the long side walk the corner, ANYTHING that could take a chunk out of lesson cost. Of the three farms I visited, two seem fairly open to the idea of me working there. The third has a large enough client base that most of their working students come from in-house, kids that want the experience and don't need the money.

My advice would be, to hell with the names. Yes, working for a big name has its perks and you will certainly make the connections you need, but the best way to work for a big name is start with what you can get. Find a trainer that clicks with you and whose horse care vibes with what you think is right. Chances are, if you think there's a lot to learn, there is.