View Full Version : VHC TB Celebration Show - Series Finale

Nov. 9, 2010, 05:11 PM
Hi All:

Who all is going to the TB Celebration show? It is in less than 2 weeks.

I will be there with my horse and I think a barn mate is bringing 2 or 3.

This is one of my favorite shows because it is very exhibitor friendly and easy on the pocketbook.

I think my guy will show in the Churchill Downs Jumper class and the model. The march show as his first ever show and it is amazing to see how far he has come since then.

Hope to see some of you there

Nov. 9, 2010, 08:28 PM
I'm very excited to be bringing my 6 year-old OTTB from Great Falls, VA.

Nov. 10, 2010, 06:23 AM
I'm taking at least two...have three entered but might have to scratch one...

See ya there!