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DressageGeek "Ribbon Ho"
Oct. 11, 2010, 02:48 PM
Please help True Innocents Equine Rescue by contributing $10 through the
JustGive 10 Year Anniversary Promotion
Your $10 donation becomes $20!! That equals 2 bales of hay!!
To thank you and celebrate 10 years of giving, starting October 10, for 10 days,
when you donate to your favorite charities, we'll add $10 to each gift.
Anniversary Matching Gift Terms and Conditions
Donations made from October 10 through October 20, 2010 qualify for a $10 match.
Only one donation per charity per donor qualify for a $10 match.
Only donations made through http://www.justgive.org/10year qualify for a $10 match.
Charity gift card purchases do not qualify for a $10 match.
Only the initial recurring donation qualifies for a $10 match.
Donations will only be matched up to the $10,000 total gift.Just a reminder for everyone that today begins the ten days or $10 gifts from justgive.org (http://justgive.org/). For the next ten days justgive.org (http://justgive.org/) will add $10 to every donation of $10 for more! This is in celebration of justgive.orgs ten year anniversary with online charitable giving!! Lets make the most of these ten days!!!! Our goal to reach is $1,000.00!
Thank you for your support!

Click Here to make your donation and help us help them! (http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?llr=sm5pdxdab&et=1103750898118&s=1920&e=001DHgY8P8gXbMZdx1mg_LU4UdWZHh2KIahnoD7H6W9bqQsO B-BktqoOK_y-WUNzn_dZyICrh70gJkJgt1zlYy3n_FV4xnu1-yTfXBIUEWvR4VlCBrjGOeY1rJr0Bw7xqc7)