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Blue Domino
Sep. 29, 2010, 01:26 PM
Just ordered a regular tree brown Thorowgood dressage saddle for my 3 yr old gelding, but wondering if I should call and change the order to the wider cob saddle. As a 3 year old, he measures a generous medium on a wintec saddle gauge, he's relatively low withered but I wouldn't call him mutton withered, and he has a very short, FLAT, SQUARE back. Anglo/arabian

He's probably a bit underweight right now because he's been with a trainer for several months getting worked, and I'm sure he'll get way beefed up when he gets home.

His shoulders are quite wide, but his chest has a kind of thoroughbredy narrow look to it looking at him head on.

ordered the 18" seat due that would fit me best, but I could do just fine in a 17.5" to make the saddle fit his VERY short back ok.

He measures medium on the wintec saddle gauge, but he spreads out considerable in width even though he doesn't measure that wide at the wither.:confused:


Sep. 29, 2010, 02:51 PM
Cannot really tell. You need to sit the saddle on the horse to see if it will fit. However, if he takes after his Arabian side and has really wide shoulders, you might even need a warmblood size tree. If he takes more after the Thoroughbred, not only might you need the medium tree, but also a different shape to it. You just cannot order a saddle, and hope for the best. Doesn't work that way for either you or the horse. If the saddle comes, will the sender allow you to ride in it? Can you return the saddle if it is ridden or if it is not ridden? At least that way you can just sit it on the horse and have a better idea of the fit.

Sep. 29, 2010, 03:55 PM
I have the regular tree (not cob) for both of my arabs, one who is a chunk, and one who is more refined. the cob tree is intended for horse who are flat side to side as well as front to back. take a flex rule and do like a wither tracing but do it back at where the back of hte saddle would fit. if this comes out square shaped you need a cob tree if it comes out U shaped the reg tree is appropriate. Most likely the reg tree is fine.

Also note that the thorowgood gullets run wider (significantly wider) than the wintec gullets. so don't be surprised about that.

As for short back, I have the 18 on both of my girls with their short backs and it works, but if YOU are good with a 17.5 it would probably be better. I can't do a 17.5 so... don't sacrifice your comfort, cause the horse will be fine with an 18.

Blue Domino
Sep. 29, 2010, 05:18 PM
Thankyou Arabiansrock:cool:,

If the regular fits your chunky built arabian ok, then will no doubt be ok for my guy. Also, on the Thorowgood website, it lists the regular as the only size available in the brown color too. Of course color isn't a good reason:o.

Will stick with the 18" seat too, if it's ok for your arabians, it will probably be ok for my guy, and it would definitely be more comfortable for me.

I'm thinking my guy might needs a cob size as he gets older, but thinking the regular will be ok for probably a couple of years, he's growing UP like a weed, and his once very CHUNKY self is beginning to look somewhat more long and lean. That's one reason it's so hard to decide on a regular or cob size, probably not the best time to buy a saddle, when they are growing.

This thing ships from England, so it should be here for Christmas since I ordered it this morning. Can't think of anything nicer Santa could have got me, than a new brown dressage saddle:)

"you just can not order a saddle and hope for the best" Thanks Angel. When I hit the lottery, I'll fly Jochen in to measure a custom model for my butt and his back.:lol:

Sep. 29, 2010, 05:30 PM
Blue Domino
did you order the T4 or the T6? I have the T4, and the Fairfax (leather T4 with exterior blocks essentially). If I had it to do again, I would probably have gotten T6 just because they say the synthetic material is a little more "elegant". But don't know that it is $200 better!

the replacement head bars on the thorowgoods go REALLY wide so I don't think you will ever need to go cob size. Like I said, that has more to do with the angle that the panels lie on their backs. the cob panels would dig in on top and be llifted off the sides on most horses they are so flat.

Also, be warned. Thorowgood is very SLOW at shipping orders. My Fairfax was supposed to be here in 4 weeks (and it was going to a retail shop before me) and it took 8 to get there. So expecting it for Christmas is probably reasonable.

I'm sure you will like the saddle. It is very comfy, and nice grip to the seat. Everyone who has ridden in mine has been impressed.

good luck

Blue Domino
Sep. 29, 2010, 05:36 PM
020.JPG (158.3 KB)

Here's a photo from last year when he was a 2 year old, you can see why I'm thinking that a 17.5" seat would be better than an 18" seat.

Blue Domino
Sep. 29, 2010, 05:57 PM
Thankyou Arabiansrock,

I got the t-6 because the t-4 doesn't come in the brown color. Considered the Fairfax, might get that if I really like the t-6.

The wider panels on the Thorowgoods are the reason I'm replacing my Wintec 500, and I like the fact the Thorowgoods don't have the very deep seat also.

Thankyou for sharing your perceptions of your saddles, it has totally relieved my anxiety that I might have ordered the wrong size.

Sep. 29, 2010, 06:47 PM
Blue Domino
One more thing to make you feel good about hte Thorowgood over the Wintec. The area between the stirrup bars on the Wintecs is rather narrow for hte wider horses. On many of them (including mine grrr) it ends up being a pressure point, and the saddle is "perched" right there. the Wintec really fits a medium tree horse best. The thorowgood is wider in the gullet through the stirrup bar area and so the saddle sits properly down and around instead of being perched up.

Both of my mares were instantly happier with the Thorowgood, to hte point that I sold the Collegiate I had just bought for mare number 1 and gave her the thorowgood that I had to buy for mare 2 because my wintec turned her (mare 2) into a bucking bronc (turned out hte tree was broken!) and the Fairfax (for mare 2) was still not shipped so I had to buy a saddle asap. Fun. So I sold the wintec (after wintec fixed it) and the collegiate and am now a Thorowgood fan. If you ever decide to upgrade, the leather on the Fairfax is lovely.

The seat is not constricting at all, although it could be just a hair deeper for me but thats just nit picking. The panels are very broad, that is why the saddle fitter I worked with recommended the Fairfax so highly, she said they were the best panels she had ever seen on a saddle in that price range and among the best overall period. and the panels on the T4 and T6 are virtually the same, just no prolite lining.