View Full Version : Hackamore combination bits....stong mare???

Sep. 27, 2010, 12:59 AM
Looking for some info on the Happy Mouth Combination Bit (mullen mouth).

I know that there are threads about hackamores....read them all. I have one and my mare goes O.K. in it. She is a STRONG beast at times and is the type to pull you forward. Yes she has a soft mouth, just can pull like a train. With this mare you have to always sit up, ride her up but I do need brakes..Ha.

I like riding in the plain hackamore but the feel is just "off". She is much happier in it so I deal with it, but it is not the same as riding with a bit. Anyone have a similar type horse/issue and did this work??? I tried "creating" one with a snaffle....not good. She is normally ridden in either Boucher or plain loose ring...not even an option for jumping. I have tried gags, pelhams, elevators (with and without curbs and two reins)...not good. To much bit!!!

Anyway just looking for info. Thanks

Sep. 27, 2010, 09:14 AM
I use a little English hackamore, with a Happy Mouth mullen. I bought two bridles, one horse size, one cob. Took the head brow brand from the horse sized one, both head pieces and all cheek pieces and put it all together. The cob cheeks go on the hack and the regular go to my bit. I sliced off the spare throat latch pieces and use a regular pair of rubber reins on the hack, and a small, thin pair of those one sided rubber reins for the bit. I almost bought a double bridle and had them customize the cheek pieces, but then I found a great sale on bridles and saved a couple hundred bucks doing it this way. I want them to be totally independent of one another, which I'm guessing a combo bit wouldn't be. So I guess it depends what you're after.

My guy has all sorts of bit issues. Just doesn't go well in them, as in doesn't/won't stop, runs through everything, gets seriously mad with temper tantrums, but I don't have enough steering with just the hackamore to get around a course of jumps. I work off the hackamore almost exclusively and he is quiet, responsive and soft in it. I reserve the HM mullen solely for steering when I need it.