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Sep. 25, 2010, 04:05 AM
So a few months ago I started this thread:


regarding my equitation (faults). In the several months since then (the videos and pics were from April of this year), I have ridden many different other horses but have now been riding the same horse for a couple of months now. He is my trainer's, a 14 year old Selle Francais jumper. Lovely. Only in April, I really didn't "click" with him. i was very out of shape and in desperate need of a chriopractor, and to add to those issues I had a lot of difficult getting Oscar up into my hands and using my leg. Well, I've worked really hard and the last 3 rides I've had on him have been absolutely fantastic. I feel so much stronger and I'm finally starting to get rid of that nasty, swingy lower leg. I realize that I still have work to do, but I'd love some comments on the progress we've made and any other critiques you all may have. I apologize that the videos are so short and are crappy quality but you can get the idea I hope. I don't have any over fences because my boyfriend chose to leave and wander around when we started jumping tonight. :)

Video, April 2010

Video, September 2010