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Sep. 13, 2010, 12:56 PM
Is there anywhere at all online to find a list of all the team members? I know some of USA's still haven't been announced yet, correct?

Sep. 13, 2010, 01:01 PM

The nominated entries list includes more than 900 athletes and more than 1,300 horses. This list will decrease some when definite entries for each discipline are submitted to the World Games 2010 Foundation beginning in mid September.

Four nations are currently scheduled to field athletes for all eight disciplines—Australia, Canada, Germany and the United States. Additionally, 18 nations have submitted teams or individual competitors five or more disciplines.

For a complete list of participating nations for each discipline, click here (http://www.alltechfeigames.com/uploadedFiles/The_Competition/Who_is_Coming/WEG%20Kentucky%202010_%20Participating%20Countries .pdf).

Sep. 13, 2010, 05:58 PM
I too was wondering about the team members over the weekend, and since I haven't seen a complete listing anywhere, I did some sleuthing. I only looked at the Dressage teams, but this is what I came up with. I gleaned most of this info from Eurodressage.

18 Countries applied to send Dressage Teams. However, several of those will not be able to field Teams but may send Individual riders instead.

WEG Dressage Teams

Hayley Beresford - Relampago do Retiro
Lyndal Oatley - Potifar
Brett Parbery - Victory Salute
Rachael Sanna - Jaybee Alabaster

I have not found any info yet on the Austrian team, but it will not include Victoria Max-Theurer and Augustin OLD, who withdrew today due to concerns about travel stress to her horse.

Jeroen Devroe - Apollo van het Vijverhof
Stefan van Ingelgem - Whitney van 't Genthof
Philippe Jorissen - Le Beau
Claudia Fassaert - Donnerfee

no info found

Ashley Holzer - Pop Art
Belinda Trussell - Anton
Bonny Bonnello - Pikardi
Victoria Winter - Proton

Nathalie zu Saeyn-Wittgenstein - Digby
Anne van Olst - Clearwater
Anne Troensegaard - Seduc
Sune Hansen - Gredstedgaards Casmir

Great Britain
Laura Bechtolsheimer - Mistral Hojris
Fiona Bigwood - Wie Atlantico
Maria Eilberg - Two Sox
Carl Hester - Liebling II

Isabell Werth - Satchmo or Warum Nicht FRH
Annabel Balkenhol - Dablino
Matthias Alexander Rath - Sterntaler Unicef
Christoph Koschel - Donnperignon

no team, sending one Individual rider

Isabell Werth - Satchmo
Anabel Balkenho - Dablino
Matthias Alexander Rath - Sterntaler Unicef
Christoph Koschel - Donnperignon

no info found

Edward Gal - Totilas
Adelinde Cornelissen - Parzival
Imke Schellekens Bartels - Sunrise
Hans Peter Minderhoud - Nadine

no info found

Mafalda Galiza Mendes - D'Artagnan
Gonçalo Carvalho - Rubi
Daniel Pinto - Galopin de la Font

Juan Manuel Muñoz - Fuego XII
Claudio Castilla - Jade de MV
Rafael Ortíz - G-nidium
José Antonio García Mena - Norte

no team, sending two Individual riders

Tinne Vilhelmson - Favourit
Minna Telde - Larina Hom
Charlotte Haid-Bondergaard - Lydianus
Patrik Kittel - Scandic

Steffen Peters - Ravel
Tina Konyot - Calecto V
Todd Flettrich - Otto
Katherine Bateson-Chandler - Nartan

Sep. 13, 2010, 07:07 PM
Dutch Team:

I haven't added the Jumping team but they have been announced. Haven't had a moment yet :)

Adelinde Cornelissen - Jerich Parzival
Edward Gal - Moorlands Totilas
Hans Peter Minderhoud - Exquis Nadine
Imke Schellekens - Hunter Douglas Sunrise

Tim Lips - Concrex Oncarlos

Gert Bolmer (Grade 2) - Triumph
Frank Hosnmar (Grade 4) - Tiesto
Glasten Krapels (Grade 3) - Matador
Petra van de Sande (Grade 2) - Toscane
Tessa Baaijens (Grade 3)
Yvette van Geenen (Grade 2)

Ijsbrand Chardon
Koos de Ronde
Theo Timmerman
Mark Weusthof

Fenna Elzinga - Smoking Kills
Hubertus Heule (Goes by Hubert in the US) - Crome Shiner
Rieky Young - Burnt Starlight
Anky van Grunsven - Whizashingingwalla

Carmen Romer - Tuff Enuff FA

Traveling with the Team:
Dressage Chef d'Equipe: Sjef Janssen
Evening Chef d'Equipe: Martin Lips
Show Jumping Chef d'Equipe: Rob Ehrens
Para-Dressage Chef d'Equipe: Jeannette Wolfs
Driving Chef d'Equipe: Tjeerd Velstra
Reining Chef d'Equipe: Caspar de Jonge
Dressage Vet. - Jan Greve
Jumping Vet. - Albert van Unen
Para Dressage Vet - Brenda Hoogelander
Driving Vet - Ben Horsmans
Reining Vet - Waling Haijtema
Blacksmith/Farrier - Rob Renirie
Chef d'Mission - Ad Wagemakers
Technical Director KNHS - Maarten van der Heijden
Press Director - Christa van Duin

War Admiral
Sep. 13, 2010, 07:43 PM
Awwww THANKS!!!!! :yes:

Sep. 14, 2010, 12:09 AM
Here are some of the eventing teams and individuals. The US is supposed to announce tomorrow at 5pm.

WEG Teams and Horses

Nicolas Touzaint and Tatchou-3rd at Haras du Pin
Jonatien Schauly MCH and Séculaire-4th Haras du Pin
Lionel Guyon and Métisse de Lalou-34th Haras
Pascal Leroy and Glenburny du Léou or Minos de Petra-8th Haras, 11th Luhmuhlen CCI4* 2010
Arnaud Boiteau and Expo du Moulin-9th Haras
Jean Teulere and Matelot du Grand Val-22nd Haras
Alternate--Stanislas de Zuchowicz CNE/ Quirinal de la Bastide-28th Haras. Our US readers will remember that Stanislas jumped around Rolex '10 with some time and a rail to finish in 26th, and I for one was impressed with his riding nearly as much as his attire.

New Zealand
Mark Todd NZB Grass Valley Owner – NZ Bloodstock Mr Peter Vela & M Todd
Caroline Powell Mac Macdonald Owner: Pat Melville Evans & C Powell
Jonathan Paget Clifton Promise Owner: Frances Stead
Clarke Johnstone Orient Express Owner: Clarke Johnstone and family

* Christopher Burton and Holstein Park Leilani, owned by Jean and Jade Findlay
* Sam Griffiths and Happy Times, owned by Dinah Posford and Juliet Donald
* Sonja Johnson and Ringwould Jaguar, owned by Jim and Augusta Saunders, Dan and Phoebe Johnson
* Megan Jones and Kirby Park Irish Jester, owned by Margaret and Peter Jones
* Paul Tapner and Inonothing, owned by Jenny and Claus Waaler
* Stuart Tinney and either Vettori, owned by Peter O’Connell and Kathy Ward; or Panamera, owned by Tim Game
Alternate--Peter Atkins and Run Henry Run

* Mark Kyle - Step in Time (Owned by Tanya & Mark Kyle)
* Liz Power - Kilpatrick River (Owned by Dermot O'Rourke)
* Patricia Ryan - Fernhill Clover Mist (Owned by Carol & Tom Henry & Sheila Foley)
* Camilla Speirs - Portersize Just a Jiff (Owned by Bridget & Camilla Speirs)
* Sam Watson - Horseware Bushman (Owned by John & Julia Watson & Tom MacGuinness)
* Capt. Geoff Curran - The Jump Jet (Owned by Maurice Cassidy & The Minister for Defence)
Reserve riders:
* Jayne Doherty - The Only One (Owned by Jonathon Doherty) I think this one may be out.

Andreas Dibowski - Butts Leon or FRH Fantasia
Michael Jung - Sam
Ingrid Klimke - Butts Abraxxas
Frank Ostholt - Mr. Medicott
Dirk Schrade - Gadget de la Cere
Simone Deitermann - Free Easy NRW
As reserve the following riders are nominated:
- Kai Rüder with Leprince des Bois
- Anna Warnecke with Winkle Bee
- Andreas Ostholt with Franco Jeas
Simone Deitermann will most probably ride as an individual rider in Kentucky.

Great Britain
Tina Cook riding Mr & Mrs Nicholas and Valda Embiricos and Mrs Sarah Pelham’s Miner’s Frolic
William Fox-Pitt riding Mrs Teresa Stopford Sackville’s Cool Mountain
Piggy French riding Mr Wally French and Mr Michael Underwood’s Jakata
Pippa Funnell riding Mr & Mrs Roger Lincoln’s Redesigned
Mary King riding Mrs Janette Chinn and Mr & Mrs Edwin Davies’s Imperial Cavalier
Nicola Wilson riding Miss Rosemary Search’s Opposition Buzz

The non-travelling reserves (in alphabetical order) are:
Daisy Berkeley (Spring Along)
Sharon Hunt (Tankers Town)
Oliver Townend (Ashdale Cruise Master)
Lucy Wiegersma (Woodfalls Inigo Jones)
Daisy Berkeley and Ollie Townend are out

South Africa
Paul Hart and Heartbreak Hill have been selected for the South African eventing team, and together with fellow eventers Graham Winn, Douglas Welsh and Heidi Wood will make their way to France to prepare for the World Equestrian Games in Kentucky which start on 25 September 2010.

Hawley Bennett-Awad Langley, BC Gin & Juice, 2000 brown American Thoroughbred Rider & Linda Paine
Diana Burnett Blackstock, ON Manny, 2000 bay Canadian Thoroughbred cross Rider & Eventing Canada! RESERVE
Kyle Carter Calgary, AB Madison Park, 1998 bay American Thoroughbred Rider & Jennifer Carter
Rebecca Howard Salmon Arm, BC Riddle Master, 2001 bay Canadian Sport Horse Caroline Bazley
Selena O’Hanlon Elgin, ON Colombo, 1994 bay Swedish Warmblood Elaine & Michael Davies
Jessica Phoenix Uxbridge ON Exponential, 1998 bay Canadian thoroughbred Rider
Stephanie Rhodes Bosch Summerland, BC Port Authority, 1998 bay Canadian bred Selle Français Rider & Patricia Bosch

United States Team
Team Competitors:
Phillip Dutton and Woodburn
Buck Davidson and Ballynoecastle RM
Boyd Martin and Neville Bardos
Kim and Tipperary Liadhnan

Karen O'Connor and Mandiba
Becky Holder and Courageous Comet

Phillip Dutton and Truluck
Boyd Martin and Remington
Amy Tryon and Leyland
Allison Springer and Arthur
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