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Aug. 12, 2010, 05:06 PM
What do you use on your farm dogs? We have 10 dogs are my ranch (6 are the family pets and 4 belong to the staff who live on the property). They all get along when allowed to be together. But, have their own yards at 'home'. Basically, we require all dogs to be spayed/neutered/utd on vaccinations/current on heartworm/flea preventative. Note: We have the property sprayed to prevent an infestation of fleas, fire ants, etc.

What do you use?

I live in the city and regularly visit the ranch. My dogs aren't on flea preventative unless its summertime. We just don't have a flea problem here and my dogs have never had any. Well, I went to apply Frontline to my 2 year old Australian Kelpie and she instantly starting acting weird---pacing, panting, tail tucked, wouldn't lay down, etc. My older dog is fine...after observing her for an hour I gave her a bath. She is now back to her normal self--bouncing around the house, playing, and chewing a bone. I wonder what Frontline has in it that caused her to react that way?

I just placed an order for BioSpot from Jeffer's for the farm dogs...but, am a bit concerned about using it on my two because of her adverse reaction. Any suggestions?

Aug. 12, 2010, 05:38 PM
Did you use Frontline or Frontline Plus? My cocker, post Lyme disease, had a very mild seizure disorder with the Frontline Plus would set off. She was OK on the regular Frontline, however.

Go Fish
Aug. 12, 2010, 05:52 PM
I have one cat whose hair falls out when I apply Frontline Plus...right where you put it on the skin. Doesn't seem to bother her at all. It's just weird. While the cats are never allowed outside, I can't go without flea treatment because the dogs are going in and out.

Anyone heard of this?

Aug. 12, 2010, 09:19 PM
I would suggest Advantix... I don't have tick issues, live in the city and corgi only take occasional visits to the barn but still not a huge tick issues there either, so she gets Advantage (or Comfortis) and Heartgard Plus OR Advantage Multi. Never had any flea issues. I'll use Frontline Plus in the winter when fleas aren't so bad... I just don't think Frontline works as well as some of the others.
Another option is a new product called Promeris, I believe it does ticks as well... but BEWARE it has a VERY strong smell that sticks around for a number of days.

If you choose something like Sentinel (which is a combo heartworm/worms/fleas), remember that it does not kill adult fleas. It doesn't allow for eggs hatch or larva to pupate (therefore stopping the breeding cycle). So you would still need the occasional topical when you do find adult fleas.

I don't believe there is any topical that you can put on that will kill adult fleas before biting...

Most of the "cheap" flea topicals do pretty much nothing... pay the money, get the good stuff.

Aug. 12, 2010, 09:29 PM
K9 Advantix. I like that it repels as well.