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Aug. 12, 2010, 01:09 PM
The Inspection committee of the KNN will be at Cedar Creek Stables in Virginia on Oct 20th, to do an inspection and grading of young horses.
This inspection is mostly for young horses and will include a 3 yr old stallion at his initial inspection.

Spectators are welcome.

For more details please contact the organizer Melyni Worth melyni@ntelos.net


Aug. 24, 2010, 03:01 PM
KNN Inspections 2010 Ohio and Virginia

Entry Fees for the KNN inspections at Cedar Creek and Hinckley are as follows :
Performance / Ridden Test - Mature Stallions / Mares ( 4 yr and over ) - $375.00 ( includes vet and test rider ) ;
Young Stallions - Breeding License - 2,3,4 yr, olds - $225.00 ( includes Vet );
Mares - 3,4,5yr olds - $125.00 ;
Crossbred Mares for Inspection - $125.00 ;
Gelding Inspection - $125.00 ;
Young Stock - 1-2 yr, olds ( born '08-'09 )- $100.00
Foals - (born 2010) - $175.00 Includes vet for microchipping and branding .
This is based on the categories given by Ena and does NOT include the KNN fees expected to be taken care of and sent to Denmark by Sept. 15 , 2010.

To enter a horse for this inspection, please download the entry forms from the Yahoo website, http://pets.groups.yahoo.com/group/KNNtour2009/files/
fill them out and either fax to Ena on 011 45 86 968999
or better scan and email to Ena Sparre < p.e.aagaard@mail.tele.dk>

Include your mailing address and your email so that the KNN can send you information on becoming a member.

Don’t forget to also download the PDF for the DNA tests and to have your horses DNA verified by Cal Davis (it’s a lot cheaper than having it done in Denmark).

Checks for the inspection fees should be made payable to Donna Current and be sent to her. Along with a photocopy of your entry form.
Donna Current,
6243 State Hiway 646
OH 43910

Stabling fees are $150 per horse at Hinckley (covers up to 4 nights) includes stall, and bedding please bring buckets, hay and feed. <http://hinckleyequestrian.com>

At Cedar Creek stabling is $30.00 per night, includes stall and bedding, please bring hay and feed. Stalls fees to CCS are payable upon arrival. Please call Ellen Maddox on 540-290-1430 to book a stall.
There will also be a professional photographer present at the Inspection.

Accomodation; Ohio
Reminder that hotel reservations must be made no later than Sept. 17th to secure the special rate with the mention of KNN Inspection at Hinckley EC. Individuals interested may make a reservation by calling The Radisson Akron/ Fairlawn Reservation Office (330) 666-9300 , and identifying themselves as being a part of " KNN Inspection / Hinckley Equestrian Center " for the special rate . Available rooms have either double or King size beds and all rooms also have a pull-out sofa bed . Cancellation details may be obtained at the time reservation. All guests are responsible for payment . The hotel per night is 89.00 for up to 4 guests per room plus hot breakfast buffet and use of hotel facilities if desired . There is an additional 15% tax applicable.

Accomodations Virginia;
There are several hotels close by Cedar Creek, please contact Melyni Melyni@ntelos.net for more details.

Oct. 6, 2010, 03:18 PM
that there is going to be the inspection on Oct 20th.
We have several young horses, including a young stallion.
This will be a short one, if you are planning to come, it won;'t be a full day affair, plan to come early around 9 am .