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Aug. 12, 2010, 11:11 AM
Renowned trainer, philosopher and author Dr. Sherry Ackerman returns to MD bringing her holistic approach to dressage. Dr. Ackerman brings an extraordinary background to her work, having studied for years under the late Herr Egon von Neindorff and Dr. Henri van Shaik.

Her ground breaking book, Dressage in the Fourth Dimension, explores the philosophical and spiritual meaning of dressage and how it can deepen the horse-human connection. She has developed a systematic method of teaching that explains dressage in a step by step, easily understood way, while maintaining strict adherence to classical principles.

The Introductory Clinic is open to riders of all levels. If you have every asked yourself these questions, this is the clinic for you!
v What is the classical seat and position?
v How do I establish correct contact?
v How do I place my horse on the aids?
v How do I ride an effective half halt?
v What is the relationship between balance and forward?
v How can I increase confidence and self esteem as a rider?
v How do I get out of my head and become a more feeling rider?
v How can I deepen my connection with my horse through dressage?
v How can I let go of the emotional baggage that is ruining my riding?

October 21-24, 2010 Spring Brook Farm Finksburg, MD

Please visit the link below to watch a short video about the clinic experience.


Contact me for more information and registration :)

Sep. 14, 2010, 02:55 PM
Bumping up...I have just a couple spots left if anyone is interested.

We have a great non-rider option as well.

This is a super clinic, jammed with classical theory and mind-body awareness!

Please contact me at destrierdressage@gmail.com for more information.