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Aug. 10, 2010, 10:23 AM
Last year, my engineer SO and I designed and made a winter bucket that I could use at my boarding stable. It couldn't use any electricity, had to be easy to make with simple things you could find at TSC, and not be too difficult a non-carpenter like myself to do alone. PLUS it had to be cheap. Our first one came in at just over $60.00.

We live in Canada and freezing water is a big problem. Mine was the only bucket that didn't freeze in the barn all winter. And, I mean that the other buckets froze SOLID. Mine might have gotten a skiff of ice on the REALLY cold nights, but nothing my mare couldn't break through.

You can also use the same idea to make an outdoor water trough...just on a larger scale.

In the warmer weather, I just took my winter bucket home and replaced it with a regular bucket.

As there are no hard and fast rules, the instructions will be general, and the person using them will have to adapt them to whatever buckets they can find in their own areas. It won't be detailed is in...Buy 1 bucket size XYZ...It will describe what they need to look for and then they will buy a bucket they can find in their area that fits the description.

I've had great success with my other PDF on E-Bay, Browband Beading Instructions for Channel Browbands PDF, so I know I can write well thought out directions....Just wondering about the need out there?

What do you suppose the interest would be if I put the instructions and pictures of the process in a PDF file and sold them over the internet (E-Bay or something like that), for a reasonably small amount? I'm thinking $10.00 or so?

Thanks, NJR

Aug. 11, 2010, 09:08 AM
You would probably make some cash. However, I regularly post them for free here, because unlike browbands, etc, water is a true necessity for horses, frozen water can be a death sentence, and I think giving that sort of information out for free on at least this board is the neighborly thing to do. JMHO.