View Full Version : another truck thread--which one to buy?

Aug. 10, 2010, 12:13 AM
dh says i should consider buying a new vehicle now that mine is getting older.
i'm not sure i agreee, but thought it wise to do a littel research before i make up my mind.
so dear coth experts--what do you like in a one ton truck these days?
i drive an 02 f350 with the coveted diesel 7.3 liter engine. it drives beautifully, and i haul a hawk gn with it easily--even with a couple or three horses inside.

i love how powerful and it feels, how safe i feel, and how luxurious it feels inside.
however i intensely dislike the tiny half-size backseat, must have the full four foors in the next one.

i get 14.3 mpg, and since this is my main ride, i prefer to stay at least at that mpg.
it also needs to be 4x4, since i live in the green mountains and do a lot of horse camping.
have the automatic now, which is nice for the ponies, but i prefer stick and am a sensitive shifter.

i am afraid of trading my 7.3 for a 6., so am open to other brands---seems chevies are pretty popular now?
anyway, any input about truck features you like and dislike, and most importantly why would be greatly appreciated.

Aug. 10, 2010, 01:20 AM
After what my son sent through with his 05 Ford 350 6. which blew up a couple of weeks ago, do not go near the 6. Ford in in a multi-million lawsuit with International and my son's dealer said it was the worst enging Ford ever put in a truck.

I don't mind throwing mud at Ford at all, at all.

OTOH - I drive the 7.3 and it is an ancient, tough ride, but has never let me down over all the years I have hauled all over BC's mountains.

Aug. 10, 2010, 01:25 AM
How many miles to you have on yours? I'd sure be included to hang on to that
puppy! Can you perhaps find a 7.3L with low mileage with a full crew cab?

If you do decide to trade, don't give it away. We were truck shopping about 4
years ago and have F250 1996 7.3 4x4 extended cab long bed. It had about
170,000 on it at the time. We were offered $3000, $3500 and one Ford dealer
did offer $6000. All the auto sites and publications were listing equivalent trucks for $8000 to $12000. We ended up keeping the F250 and bought a 1/2 ton gas engine as we got a fabulous deal and needed to buy something for the business to save a big tax bill.