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Aug. 4, 2010, 05:10 PM
I'm thinking a 7' tall trailer is sufficient for my 16.0 - 16.2 horses -- Doubt any future horses would be taller than 16.3, and I don't plan to haul horses other than my own --

Should I be looking at 7'6" tall trailers? I always thought they were for the 17H+ crowd --

Aug. 4, 2010, 05:28 PM
I've hauled plenty of tall horses with long necks in my 7' tall slant with nary a problem. Saddlebreds, however, usually aren't as "big" as many of the same height warmbloods and such. Though it would be nice to have more headroom for more airflow, I'm not sure it's worth the extra money.

Aug. 4, 2010, 05:31 PM
My last trailer was 7' and I won't do it again. 7'6" just seems more airy and inviting. My 15.3 mare had to wear a head bumper in the 7' trailer because she would hit her head getting in.

7' height will also lower your resale value (unless you are already buying it used, in which case 7' is likely a bit cheaper).

Aug. 4, 2010, 05:41 PM
My 16.2 gelding rode for years in a 6' 9" trailer. His ears touched the top but he was fine. He bashed his head being a jerk once and figured it out right away.

Aug. 4, 2010, 09:02 PM
Personally I would go with the 7'6" because you never know what you will own down the road. I have been on both sides of the fence. happily trailered 17hers in a 7' and on the other side my friends 15.2h would not go into a trailer unless it was 7'6". it does not cost much to have the height added if you are buying a new trailer and I'd rather have the room and not need it, then need it and not have it.

Aug. 5, 2010, 10:36 AM
7' 6"... just do it

Aug. 5, 2010, 11:50 AM
No reason to buy a 7' when you can buy a 7'6". Its safer for you and the horses. You never know what you will own, as was said, you could own a 15.3 hand horse which throws his head up and is askeert of the lower height and you get hurt, anything can happen. Why not have a safer trailer, with more airflow and light?

You also never know what other horses you will be called upon to haul. I can't imagine why you would not buy one with the most head room.

Just buy the 7'6". Its a no brainer.

Aug. 5, 2010, 01:59 PM
You also need to look at the actual trailer and its construction -- my trainer has a trailer that would be listed as 7'3" tall. It is that tall if you measure right in the middle (from side to side) and between the bars that form the structure over which the roof skin is placed (hopefully that makes sense!). So if you measure over at the side, where the horse head actually will be since it is a slant, the roof is only about 7' tall as it slopes from middle to side. And if you measure where those reinforcement bars are, it is 7'1" or less.

I would go with the taller trailer and not make do with 7'. Even if the horses might not need the head room, it does help with airflow and just feels more spacious and inviting. I went with 7'6" on my own trailer and everybody seems happy with it, from the 15.2 short necked boy to the 16.2+ long-necked giraffe.

Aug. 5, 2010, 02:50 PM
I've been looking at used trailers, and there just seem to be so many more 7' ones out there -- Sounds like I should hold out for 7'6" --

Aug. 5, 2010, 05:53 PM
I haul my 16.1 horse in a 7' tall trailer. He fits just fine, has never bumped his head. I did opt to pay more for 6" WIDER however. It's a slant/stock combo and I wanted the extra room width wise when he is in the slant. SO glad I did that. Measure your horse while he is standing in cross ties - height to top of his ears, and length nose to tail when his head is out/neck extended. (I used measuring tape and chalk on the barn mat to get an accurate length measurement) I did this several times - took all of my measurement "ranges" with me, with my measuring tape. I was SHOCKED to find so many trailers that were too short in length, in both the slant and straight load. My horse is a bit long-backed and I ended up custom ordering a slant/stock to give him the room he needs when he is hauled in the slant stall. (For now, I always haul in the slant, so if I ever haul a 2nd horse he is well trained in the slant...)

If you are worried about height, measure his height to top of ears and measure height in trailer, floor to ceiling. See how much leeway there would be and go from there.

Aug. 5, 2010, 06:24 PM
My 'tb size' 2H BP (that's what they called them when I bought it new in '93) is 7'6" and I wouldn't consider anything shorter. I've never owned anything bigger than 16.2, but I like plenty of room for 16.2 anyhow, and you just never know when you might need to haul something big.

I'm looking at getting a new one in the next year or so, and nowadays they are referred to, at least in this neighborhood, as 'warmblood' size- but still, 7'6" is what I want. My current two are 16.2 and, um, 14.2...