View Full Version : Japanese Mini Truck?

Jul. 31, 2010, 06:49 AM
Has anyone used one of these?

I was researching something to one day replace my abused JD Gator and found these:


They are several thousand cheaper than Gators or Mules but I have no idea how they would as a farm vehicle.

Are they they same size? As in can be stored in a same size slot? Or need a bigger garage?

Jul. 31, 2010, 07:29 AM
Too bad my hubby was not home today as he could answer all sorts of questions about these darn little cute trucks. He even belongs to a chat group dedicated to these little beasts :)

They are VERY small but cute as a button. I know in the US they are not legal to drive on the roads but in Ontario (Canada) I have seen quite a few of them up here driving around. I would love to buy one for him for his birthday as they would be excellent for driving into our little farm town to pick up feed etc. Very, very economical on gas as you can imagine and usually in excellent condition even though they must be at least 15 years old to be imported here.

I believe that they would need a little more length then a 4 wheel GATOR but certainly are not any wider. In fact one of these trucks could fit inside the bed of a regular 8 foot North American built pick up truck.

There are not many 4 wheel drive versions available just in case you were thinking of driving in the fields etc. in muddy or icy conditions so I don't know how practical they would be for that application. But price wise I believe would be substantially less then a brand new GATOR type vehicle.

Edited to add that I just clicked on the link supplied. These ones are actually new..... :) I was thinking of the older ones that are now being imported. MUCH less expensive then these new ones but would do the same job for sure. They are cute though......

Jul. 31, 2010, 11:17 AM
Well, they are cute to look at but that's where the cuteness stops. There are several here in town that are used as city delivery vehicles. They were brought over from some place that has right hand drive a couple of years ago. They are the same brand.(daihatsu) I saw one with a for sale sign a few months back and told the fellow I was not interested in buying it but asked why he was selling it. He was frank.
Parts are hard to get, take a while to ship ( he waited like, 3 weeks for a replacement ignition key when an employee lost his- some special electronic part- and the vehicle was out of service for the whole time) and his mechanic compains that there is no room for his north american hands in the foreign engine...