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Jul. 30, 2010, 10:42 PM
We've just closed on our property and ready to get to work. It's small at only 2.5 acres but it's ours :0). For some reason whoever put up the fencing on this property only made the height 3 1/2ft. What is the standard height for fencing?

1. I could pull it all up and start over. There is more area that I'm going to fence in anyways on the side of the house and some right back by the barn.How much does fencing in a acre cost? I'm thinking about going with 3board or Centaur fence (but is that okay for right next to the street?). I like no-climb because I have two young kids but the pasture is small and my horse wears shoes half of the year I don't want her pulling them.

2. I thought well maybe I could save what's there, fix what's old/broken and add top brown hot tape. That would make the fence right at 4ft.

One other thing. The neighbor right next to us is a bunch of goats (owner lives somewhere else) and everyone once in awhile two horses that are turned out on the small pasture that is right next to our driveway (see picture where driveway is). I just met the two horses today and they are quite the cuties. I think they are owned by a neighbor two doors down. When the spotted pony made some soft come hither sounds to his friend I had to get down and check the equipment...yup a stallion with his mare. Fencing is the same as mine but also has in addition two strands of barb wire in between the two lower boards. The stallion looks to be 13-14hands ..hard to tell since the driveway was slightly higher than the pasture. So how likely is a 13-14hand stallion going to jump a 3 1/2 half foot fence then jump a 4ft fence with hot wire on top to get to my 15hand hootchie mare? Would he leave his "mare" or would he be content that he's already got some?:winkgrin:

Jul. 30, 2010, 11:14 PM
The stallion will come visit your mare and no 3 1/2 foot fence will stop him.

You will need good stallion height fencing topped with electric hot wire...not polytensil to stop him from getting in, but maybe not from visitng your mare.
2x4 No climp on 4 1/2 foot posts with a board around the top and hot wire.

How do I know...I house OTTB stallions on a regular bases and have breeding mares and open young mares on farm, as well.

Double fence rows and distance....................stallions are always ready willing and able to procreate and expand their herd. Good Luck...oh and stature has nothing to do with it.
The worse offenders are often the small guys.

Jul. 30, 2010, 11:50 PM
For a comparision, years ago my 32" miniature (who was still a stallion at age 2) climbed over a 36" fence to cover a mare. He was castrated the next day. ;)

Jul. 31, 2010, 06:07 AM
Oh goody, a stallion next door, just what you needed. NOT. Last year my DH was helping our neighbor fix fence and they got to talking and the neighbor told my DH all about some guy who had a colt and the guy's neighbor's put horses in, a couple of mares, and the colt went right through a four strand barb wire fence, spendy little vet bill for stitches for the colt and Lutylase for the mares.

Out of curiosity I asked the foks over on Sport Horse what their standard was for stallion housing, and they mostly had 5 foot or better fences with a hot wire on top, and the stallions were housed generally with alleyways in between paddocks of about 12 feet to prevent sniffing, squealing/striking. I'll see if I can't dredge up the thread. http://www.chronofhorse.com/forum/showthread.php?t=200150 Re-reading it, make that full on electric fences. Your problem is going to be trying to get the stallion owner to be the responsible one. As mentioned some localities have stallion owners' duties spelled out by law but it may take a bit to get it to sink in.

Anyway, 3 and half feet is a decorative fence, IMHO, as it's the same height as the standard A/O course of fences. Four foot is better, five foot better still, and in what looks like a subdivision, no climb to keep the kids and doggies out and a set back interior fence that can be just hot tape to keep your well meaning neighbors from tossing yard clippings over the fence for your horsies to munch on, and possibly make them very ill. Yes, they may still toss the stuff in but your horses will be on the other side of your set back.

Congrats on the new place and you'll be busy for a while!

Jul. 31, 2010, 01:26 PM
You might want to leave this fence and then come in from it about 5 feet and put a new fence using Horseguard, which will look nice (in brown) and be HOT.

Jul. 31, 2010, 02:35 PM
If it were me, I'd tear it all down and start over, 2.5 acres isn't that much fence. No-climb (with the tiny mesh) is fine for a horse with shoes. My ideal fence is no-climb with a top sight rail and a strand of electric on the inside (but I'm po' folk so I can't afford that!). I've seen smaller suburban type farms fenced in 5' or 6' chain link; it's not as "pretty", but seems to work well.
My stallions are just fine behind 3 board fence- the top rail is at 54" I think. They can't touch noses with any other horse so they don't mess with the fence, and my boys aren't exactly kids horses.

Jul. 31, 2010, 02:59 PM
Around here it's 6.25/foot for 3 board fencing. We do it ourselves. If you get someone to pound the posts, and finish it off yourself, you will save quite a bit on money. Good luck with the stallion. I'm a firm believer in hot fence for stallions.

Aug. 3, 2010, 09:55 AM
We keep our breeding stallions behind 4'6" to 5' high, four strand Horse Guard Electric Tape. Young stallions and geldings are housed together behind three strands of Horse Guard, 4' high. We have no problems. The stallions won't even reach over the fence to tease :). They RESPECT electricity and the Horse Guard Tape is very visible. Once they get shocked, usually just once, they are trained and will leave it alone.

I think you could extend the height of your board fence, use the brown Horse Guard Tape and still have a decent looking fence. I would also put a strand on the outside of your fence to zap visiting stallions. If he visited more than once he would become a gelding :lol:.