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Jul. 30, 2010, 10:13 AM
Getting ready to bring the horse home and am working on the pasture. I had a local farmer knock it down with his sickle mower on Sunday. He said to mow it rather than leave it.

The pasture is FULL of weeds. I am looking to bring the horse home in a week or so and was contemplating using 2,4D on the field now before I bring her home. I have the 2 mini donks there now but they are in a smaller paddock that does not need any weed control applied.

The pasture is about 2 1/4 acres. From the little I have read, you apply the 2,4D at a rate of 1-4 pints per acre, so I would get a gallon. The directions say to use 1-4 pts. with "enough water to cover an acre".

More specific directions are warmly welcomed as well as any hints for where I might find a big sprayer for rent. I have a small backpack one I can use in a pinch but would take me FOREVER I think.

Jul. 30, 2010, 12:23 PM
It depends on the sprayer. You would have to calibrate the sprayer so that you put down the desired amount of active ingredient/acre. This is usually done by making a "test run" with a sprayer full of water to see how many gallons of water the sprayer puts down in an acre. (You can test spray in a smaller area and then just convert the amount/distance to actual amount/acre).

For example, your sprayer holds 50 gallons of water. You want to put down 2 pints/acre and you find out your sprayer puts down 25 gallons of water per acre. So you only have enough capacity to do two acres (25gallons of water x 2= 50 gallons) and you'd need to add 4 pints (2pints/acre x 2 acres = 4) of your ingredient to your 50 gallon sprayer to get the right mix.

Check with some of your local seed/fertilizer dealers to see if they know of sources where you could rent a sprayer. They might also know of someone you could hire who has a sprayer.