View Full Version : Two great Tractor Supply deals...

Jul. 25, 2010, 10:01 AM
Since my closest Tractor Supply is about half an hour away, as opposed to ten other feed places within ten minutes, I don't get there very often....so sorry if this is old news to anyone! I do get their emails though, which is how I found out about:

1) Their "pre-season" pellet sale--a ton for $200. You can pay the full price, or you can pay 25% and put them on "lay away" to be picked up before Oct. 1st. I'm sure it varies in other areas, but $200 for a ton around here (Western Mass) is really cheap. Even Home Depot and Walmart are at $250/$260 a ton for the crappy pellets. The brand that my local Tractor Supply is carrying is 100% softwood. Yes, they're technically heating pellets and not horse-specific bedding pellets, which I know some on here have an issue with....but it's all I've ever used (and I know that's true for many others) so I figured I'd pass it on to those who don't want to spend $7 a bag for Woody Pet! :)

2) And while I was in there buying a couple pallets of pellets (and feeling snug as a bug having both my hay loft filled and my pellets for winter so early! :lol: ) I took a stroll around the store and found that they have Cashel fly masks for only $18! Very limited selection of sizes, and I had to hunt to find one with ears, but I still found one, just to have as a backup, at that price! They come in a weird box (I'm used to getting them in the bags?) but when held up against my "normal priced" fly mask it was exactly the same!

Just figured I'd pass these deals along to someone who might not get the Tractor Supply emails or get to their local store frequently. The pellet deal ends TOMORROW. (Monday.) After that, at my store, they're back up to $230 a ton.