View Full Version : poisonous/non poisonous weeds in pasture

Jul. 22, 2010, 11:36 AM
I am new to North Carolina, and brought my 5 horses here. The fields we have were never taken care of well, so the grass doesnt grow in thick, and there are alot of weeds. I heard about something people spray thier fields with to kill off all the weeds and it works great, i cant remember the name. Also, I am wondering if I need to be worried about any of these weeds, I dont know what they are or how to describe them. The horses tend to eat around them though.. Does anyone know of a website with pictures of poisonous weeds in or around the area? And does anyone know of a good way to kill off all the weeds and promote grass growth to get the fields thicker?

Also- we have pecan trees in the feilds with the horses, the horses dont really bother with them, but does anyone know if they are safe if they eat a few leaves off of them?

Jul. 22, 2010, 12:27 PM
2,4-D or Pasture Pro will help you catch up with and eventually get ahead of most weeds. We're going on four years now and one paddock is under control, the other "almost".

The only problem weed we have in terms of being toxic is false dandelion on my place. Hoary alyssum grows around here but I haven't seen it on my place. The others are just ugly and take up space. :mad:

Your local County Extension would probably have a good resource about weeds local to your area.