View Full Version : Western/trail sales barns? in SC

Jul. 21, 2010, 12:51 PM
I'm not a western or trail rider, but currently have an appendix who used to western trail ride. I had someone send him to me, an eventer, thinking he'd be fun for me and seemed athletic enough to event. So he came as a resale project. Got horse... had him awhile... have tried to make it work but it's just not. He doesn't seem to enjoy it and occasionally has moments where he just decides that he's never before seen that stadium jump (which he's jumped tons). After this last time I've had enough of trying and have decided he probably just needs to go back to his trail/western roots. He's great on the trails and is even pretty good out xc schooling over natural stuff.. doesn't look at ditches, banks, water, and has even been over wooden bridges. But I have ZERO connections or knowledge for this stuff. Are there western/trail sales type barns that I can send him to... preferably in SC or near SC?