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Jul. 15, 2010, 11:19 AM
I'd like to participate in a ACTHA ride but my town is so non-horsey. I contacted ACTHA about having a ride in my area and they asked if I would become an affiiliate. I told them I would so now I just need to find 6 miles of suitable trail. I plan on contacting my trail riding friends to help me find a suitable place.
I wanted to ask anyone who is or has been an affiliate for a ACTHA ride how did it go? Tips, suggestions, advice would be greatly appreciated.

Heart's Journey
Jul. 16, 2010, 03:30 PM
Not an affiliate, but I participated in the world record event in June.

You need alot of volunteers: judges, day of registration help, people to set up obstacles, set up & mark the route ahead of time

they provided free water & fruit in the am, cookout in the afternoon (inexpensive cost), water for horses at a couple locations

South Miami isn't the best location in June - we had a monsoon just after mounting & rode in the rain for about 30 minutes, then it was quite nice. About halfway through the ride, the sun came out and it became the Bataan death march..... really hot and humid. But we enjoyed it, just wouldn't do it again in the summer down here

They had around 60 riders and alot of others that came to watch, help out, etc

We're hosting one in April and I will be volunteering for it. We're having it a nice preserve that we regularly camp at. People can arrive Fri, ACTHA ride will be Sat, then Sun they can ride again & drive home. We expect to have quite a good crowd as it's centrally located and has very nice camping facilities.

Good luck!

Jul. 17, 2010, 12:39 PM
Being an actha affiliate is indeed work, but what good work. Not
Only do you see your ride provide rewarding enjoyment between horse and rider without too much hype and pressure but you are helping the cause and the solution to the unwanted or at risk horse.
As a ride manager you also have an opportunity to profit or help your local favorite charity.
Actha helps with all aspects...we're always honored when a new affiliate comes on board. Our current 500 affiliates are among the most noble, generous and hard working individuals I have ever had the please to work with...it's an honor.
Thanks for checking out actha ... Www.actha.us