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Jul. 12, 2010, 02:16 PM
Hubby and I built a simple shed row barn about 5 years ago. It is 12 x 46 with a 12 x 24 stall, 12 x 14 stall and 12 x 8 tack/feed room. About 2 years ago we added a run in area with a grooming/wash stall on to the back of the barn.

I would now like to modify the shed row barn into a center aisle barn by putting a new shed row (2 broodmare stalls that can be converted to 4 standard stall) facing the current barn then going up with a roof over the aisle. Make any sense? Has anyone done it? Any advice?

I am also interested in "do it yourself" type conversions to easily go from a double stall to standard.

Side view of barn -

Front of barn -

Jul. 12, 2010, 03:33 PM
There are several ways you can go about that.
You could set post right against that barn front and frame a roof from high up all the way across the aisle and stalls and then either leave that vertical space, clerestory, open or close it up.

Or, you could set posts opposite to that barn, frame to it, with a peak in the middle of the aisle, frame roof to the old barn, frame the other side of the roof across it's half of the aisle and over the stalls, maybe even an overhang and build the stalls on the other side.

You can play with designs, remembering that you don't have to have the peak of the roof right in the middle, offset roof lines also look nice.

I would first do some dirt work, to be sure the water will flow away from the structures.

Tom King
Jul. 12, 2010, 04:39 PM
We did that. We started with a shedrow in 1980. From left to right, 12x12 stall, 10x12 stall, 8x12 tackroom, 18' wide loft over 10' stall and tackroom. First we added another 12x12 stall beside the tackroom, and a 12x12 wash stall beside that new stall. Then we added another 12 x12 on the other (left end), and a 8x12 storage room outside that newer stall with doors to the outside of the barn.

The next addition turned it into a center aisle barn. I bolted extensions on the aisle side posts with 1" all-thread for an open clerestory 3' high over the high side of the shedrow.

We made a 15' wide aisleway (widest I could get using standard 16' lumber to overlap the posts on the aisleway, with a 4' overhang over the 3' high open clerestory.

We went 14' wide with the stalls on the new side and have a couple that can be converted to 24 x14 foaling stalls. 14' covered run ins on the outside of the new side. Oddball length left over after dividing it into 12' stalls, was made into a side aisleway (between 7 and 8 feet) to get out to the riding rings on that side.

The original 10' wide stall beside the tackroom was done away with, and taken to enlarge the tackroom to 18 x 12 with one corner cut out for a hay drop with door on the aisleway and the opposite for loft access was in the original plan. Hay loft was also enlarged to go all the way accross, even though we don't use it for hay any more.

If we were starting from scratch, I would do it a bit differently, but it has served our purposes well for 30 years, including for our children that were born after we started with the little shedrow, and are now grown and gone.

Jul. 12, 2010, 06:02 PM
Tom, pics???

I want to add on to my barn but not make it a center aisle. Its a shed row type but with an aisle in front that is covered. I just want a little more space for an actual wash stall and maybe more storage that is in front of the aisle (like where the other stalls would be if it were a center aisle). Plus, it only has like a 2' over hang and the rain just flies in.

Tom King
Jul. 12, 2010, 06:26 PM
Here's the only picture I can find easily. It's nothing fancy, but serviceable.


Jul. 19, 2010, 10:35 PM
Totally not what I imagined! Thats actually a cool setup. My barn has the roof/trusses of a center aisle barn but its too narrow for that so its just a row of stalls and then an aisle under cover. I keep trying to figure out how to add onto it but its hard when you arent mechanical with that kind of thing.

Jul. 20, 2010, 08:32 AM
Turning a shedrow into an aisle barn is very common here in CT. Lots of folks start out with a shedrow to bring the horses home. And after a few winters they put up another shedrow facing the existing one with whatever width aisle they want in between and then raise a roof between the two, usually a raised one to get a long center loft in...and then add end doors.

Quite a few modular barns are also made this way; as two shedrows and then adding a raised roof in the center. Like this:

Or you can just put a peak in the center:

Jul. 21, 2010, 09:01 PM
Tom, Really cool barn! Since we are doing something similar i
this is a great post. We had a Groffdale shedrow barn dropped here as it was a quick way to get the horses home and I have been wanting to make a more airy barn instead. We had put a 14' overhang in front of it and a lower level run in behind it. Now I want to drag the prefab out and stick build stalls and make it a center aisle. I have some room to do that between the front and back overhangs but I am wondering how to get the roof lines to look good. I don't need the new part to be 14' deep where the stalls will be so it will be a bit off center. I'm glad someone else here thinks the offset roofs look okay. Our house is comtempory which will lend itself to odd roof pitches on the barn. The only problem is my aisle will not be wide enough (7') but doable. There will be a grooming stall/area though.

I'm expecting my barn to look like the left end of yours, Tom, but with the center roof not quite so high. If my husband and his friends have trouble with making that concept work though on what we have framed then we will have creative angles!