View Full Version : Instructors/Trainers - What does your schedule look like?

Jul. 8, 2010, 09:00 PM
Just curious to see how others balance teaching, riding, shows and homelife?

I am the associate trainer at a medium size (aprox. 30 horses) training and show barn. Right now I'm teaching anywhere between 30-40 lessons a week, grooming for the head trainer/owner about 10 hours a week and riding in between.

Mondays I teach from about 8:30-6pm with about an hour and a half lunch break, Tuesday's from about 8am to 8pm with a long lunch, Wednesdays off for other various but usually horse related erronds, Thursdays from 8-8 agian and Fridays from about 7:30-2/3ish and show prep/schooling after that on weeks that we have shows.

I feel pretty busy but overall comfortable with this work load. I'm just wondering out of curiousity what everyone elses schedule entails.