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Jul. 5, 2010, 08:16 PM
It's not offically mine yet but almost (bank has to sign paperwork..terms already worked out). It's not much as a farm goes (2.5acres)but it's enough for me to keep my mare there! I'm excited :0)

Anyways the 5 stalls are 10x11 (maybe 12 if I messed up counting) and need some work. I didn't measure all of them ..just the one that I had planned for my mare. My husband thinks it's crazy that I want to change a thing but it needs some work. I'm on a budget but I still want the place to be nice. I can't tear everything out and buy the stall kits so I'm going to have to figure out how to do things myself (with some hired help). Would love suggestions.

This is the stall that I'm planning on putting my mare in. All the stalls have windows into the garage behind. My husband is planning on putting a car lift in the garage to work on his car (but won't do start up in there with the horses in the barn). I'm still hoping to get windows in if budget allows. The stalls were at one time hooked up to small (i mean small) auto watering cups but looks like the line is busted. I want to fix the lines but have the tubing right by the buckets so I can refill without having to take the hose out. Stalls have the same kind of lights that the aisle way has but has covers on it.
Also would like to put mats on the walls but I'm not sure if I can do that right away.

Gotta work on alot of things..and figure out where that wire goes to

This the right outside of the barn facing the house..plans are to fence in the area that goes up side the house to front field..so I'll have two pastures (plan on moving the playground to area fenced off for the kids ages 1 and 3).



The front pasture has boards that are cut at a angle..is it fine to leave it like that or should I have them cut flat? I'm going to open the pasture more up to the side so I'll use reuse some boards to fix the front and also have hot wire on the top since it's next to a road.

Jul. 6, 2010, 08:40 AM
Stalls: we use rubber matts with a dirt base. Just be sure to compact and level the base carefully before installing matts. Use some stone dust for the top/last 2-3 inches before the matts.
I would try to find a reliable electrician to look over your barn wiring...hubby will prob need one to power up his car lift. No exposed bulbs, install sealed outlets, wires secured. Also you probably will want to seal up the window openings to the garage as a fire spreading preventative.
We used 1/2" plastic pipe I bought at Lowe's(the hi-temp type) to run water directly to our buckets. Living in Maine, I drain the system after every use during freezing times..and it's set up so that it can auto drain. It's easy to install...just buy lots of 90 degree fittings! Make sure you valve each bucket. Conversely there are auto waterers that use a float valve to keep the bucket filled, but I don't think there is enough room in a water bucket for the horse's nose and the valve.
I don't understand "cut at an angle"...are you referring to the rails or the posts? Sounds like they were cut to shed rainwater and lessen rotting, but I would need more info. I would raise the bottom rail off the ground a few inches to avoid rot.

Jul. 6, 2010, 09:24 AM
Call an electrician first, before you do anything else. Then a plumber, get the basics down the way you want them.

Check out that wall between the stalls--the wood looks old and warped and even needing replacement near the bottom.

Any way to get some daylight in there? I can't stand dark barns. :(

Got some company for your mare planned?

Good luck. :)

Jul. 6, 2010, 09:32 AM
First, a certified electrician will tell you that, in any kind of barn, you need electric wires run in conduit.

I too would block the windows to the garage, to help retard any fire that may start on either side, while you have a practical fire wall with the concrete blocks.

You can paint the concrete blocks with a concrete sealer and make the barn more horse friendly, as those concrete blocks may harbor molds if not painted.
When painted, you can power wash them regularly.
Concrete blocks can be an asset to stalls and you should not have to keep repairing them, as with other materials.