View Full Version : Just an update from LAZ's

Jul. 3, 2010, 10:29 AM
What a fast month! If you blink around here you are likely to miss something! After horse shows, pony club stuff, and prepping for camp it has been crazy busy around here! She wasn't kidding when she said June was her busy month! Some days I think she is crazy with the amount of worm she takes on! She is really my hero because she gets it all done and it all looks and works amazing!
Enough bragging, on to my riding! Goodness my pony girl and I have improved leaps and bounds in the past month! She is such a smart mare and I love her to death. I have learned that I have done a lot correct with her training, but some things wrong as well. Which I already knew. It was the fixing the wrong where I got stuck. We would fight and I have learned that she will win every time in a fight so I can't give her the option to fight with me. I tell her how it is and there is no room for disscussion! It's working great and in a month my girl has went from inconsistent to looking like she could actually do something! She and I make a great team!!

I have also been working with my friends of Ferdinand horse. I believe there was a post about him, Korbyn. He is such a fun smart guy! He catches on to things very quickly! I grew up doing showmanship and halter classes so I started teaching him that stuff and he already has a decent pivot considering I taught it to him in a week! He lunges very well and is evn picking up both of his leads on the lunge! He is a pretty cool guy!

More updates to come soon!