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Jun. 29, 2010, 01:41 PM
I will be in the market for a new trailer later this year or early next year. I'm wondering what resources are out there for determining the value of my current trailer. I do have a private party possibly interested in purchasing it, but even if I would end up trading it in, I'd like to know an estimated value for it so I could 'haggle' accordingly.

I've tried searching for similar used trailers for sale, but quite honestly, I haven't found enough used Kingstons out there similar to mine to really feel like I have a good handle on what it's actually worth.

And yes, I'm definitely getting another Kingston, hands down no questions asked. (Shameless plug)

TIA! :)

Jun. 29, 2010, 01:45 PM
What about looking at other brands but are similar in construction, condition and model year. Thats how I valued mine I sold a few years ago

Jun. 29, 2010, 02:53 PM
You can call your Kingston dealer and ask them what private party value is. FWIW- I sold 3 used trailers that I bought new and were about 4-5 years old for nearly what I bought them for (ex. one trailer was 4yo and sold for 98% of what I paid). Quality used trailers are hard to find.

Jun. 29, 2010, 04:45 PM
Details? Maybe we'll be able to tell you what we've bought/sold/seen lately.

I can tell you I almost bought a 2000 2 horse BP without tack in great condition for $5500. That was last fall. I thought it was well-priced at that.

Another 2002 2 horse with dressing room and a few bells and whistles was $7500.

Oh, and I loved my kingston too, except I thought the air flow in the dressing room models was crappy. Definitely need to spring for the overhead vents in that case.

Jun. 29, 2010, 07:35 PM
fwiw, op, i've heard that kingstons hold their value very, very well, because they are so well made.
and actually i've been wondering the same thing about my trailer. while it is amazingly versatile and i love it, i may be moving into a lq trailer, as i find myself doing a lot of camping lately and mine is just a tad too small to make into the lq.
and if i ever want dh to come with me, he must be comfortable--no sleeping in the horse space for him!

so instigatorkate, would you help me come up with a price too?
mine is a 2002 custom hawk gooseneck.
the 16' horse box is stock style, with the ability to create two boxes or four tie stalls. i frequently travel with one horse in a box and two ponies in two tie stalls.
dr is 4', all carpeted and with rumber flooring throughout.
rear and side ramp, extra tiedowns and lights.
damn, i really love my trailer! but may as well get the facts so i can make a good decision.
it's only been driven by me, and is in good condition. not perfect, there are a couple of scratches and a bit of rust has started.
and it's white and bronze, very spiffy looking.

thanks if you can help!

Jun. 30, 2010, 09:03 AM
Suz- sounds like a very nice trailer! Can't help with Kingston prices though. sorry!

Just wanted to add- about the air flow problems w/dr models. My 4H head to head had the same problem. Front stall hotter than back bc lack of air flow. So.. when I just ordered my new one- I installed windows in the wall btwn tack room and horse area. I open the windows up front and those wall windows- and the air flows all the way through the trailer. Makes a HUGE difference. Just an idea for those ordering new trailers or upgrading used ones. :)

Jun. 30, 2010, 09:33 AM
InstigatorKate- thanks for the advice on the roof vents! I will definitely keep that in mind when shopping/ordering.

The trailer in question is a '92 Kingston Dartmouth Classic K (2h bp, no DR). It's in great shape and really the only reason I'd like a new one is to upgrade to a model with a DR. There are a few minor rust spots on the tongue and at the top of the ramp (where the ramp would touch the ground), but these are only noticeable up close. It's sat outside for 18 years, so I guess that's to be expected. Recently re-wired, newer tires, and floor and mats are in great shape. Serviced annually at a reputable trailer garage, and we have all of those records.

I'd have to look up all the "extras" that are on it, but it has canvas haybags and windows on the escape doors which I'm pretty sure aren't standard on this model. But again, I'll need to look over the original paperwork tonight.

Despite its age, the trailer is relatively low mileage. It's really only been used for local hauling, and it had a four-year reprieve about a decade ago while I was in college. :lol:

Jun. 30, 2010, 03:02 PM
I don't have any direct comparisons, but I would expect to pay ~$4-5k for it. The closest comparison I found on the web was a 1997 model that recently sold for $5450. You could try asking $5500 and see if you got any offers.