View Full Version : maybe giving up coffee is not a good thing....

Jun. 22, 2010, 12:02 PM
i had been searching for months for a used monoflap that fit both me and my mare. She'd finally outgrown all her saddles except her tad coffin dressage saddle. My Amerigo Pinerolo didn't fit her, it fits the giant TB who needs a medium Narrow..not a wide like miss warmblood.

so, i sold her jump saddle since it was hurting her (and it was cheeeeep)...and looked, and looked.....could not find what i needed.... my dressage saddle was flat enough that i could still jump in it. (heck, my trainer used it and competed all 3 phases with my mare in OBN and placed 3rd)..so it wasnt awful..but still........ugh...

finally ended up special ordering a vega monoflap. local tack shop had one that fit her, but too small for me....so i ordered it....ugh

yesterday I get a call from the shop, the saddle finally came in. I had picked my sister up from the airport so getting the saddle on the way back was perfect.

I'm looking at the saddle, thinking "what is wrong with this picture"....could not put 2 and 2 together...leather looked different......but I was in a hurry and was tired....bought the saddle and left...just one of those days...

took all night staring at the saddle going "what is wrong" ...then at work today, it dawned on me..."that's a fricking close contact saddle, not a monoflap" FRICK........duh, ya think since i already have a monoflap i would have noticed that right away....duh...blond moment..then my heart sinks...what if i cannot send it back?....yikes:eek:

I call the tack shop, they call the US order point...and waited everyone's records show that i ordered a monoflap...... the shop gets an immediate call back....good thing is that my special order monoflap was shipped with a cc with the same special order....So I will get my saddle in a few more days.....yay....jeesh i'm a dork.....

so now, i am borrowing a jump saddle..being slow on the draw, I finally thought of one of the hunt members who is taller than me and has many saddles. I think he did take pity on me and he's loaning me one so I don't look like a complete idiot at a clinic this weekend.

I'm usually have patience and am thorough...but man, where was my head...I would have been fine with the cc since it fit...but DUH...It all worked out...Maybe this diet thing I'm on that has me cut out caffiene is affecting my brain....ugh.


Jun. 22, 2010, 03:51 PM
FWIW, I recently heard that caffeine is a great way to jump start your metabolism, so guess what I'm enjoying on a ridiciously regular basis... In the name of science and the new pony, of course. ;)

But I'm glad to hear that you'll have your new correct saddle soon. I hope it's everything you've wanted. I'm very jealous!