View Full Version : Fly strips - Does it actually MEAN anything in the "Big Picture"???

Jun. 21, 2010, 10:09 AM
When you hang those sticky fly paper thingy's and the next day you have 200-300 dead and stuck flies on each one???

Does it mean that each day x each strip you are going to be bugged (literally and figuratively speaking! :lol: ) by that many less flies each day or as this lot of flies are killed off, do another 200-300-500 more move in to take up residence on the closest mound of manure in that stall??? :confused:

I got a HUGE amount of satisfaction the next morning seeing how many dead ones are stuck on the 4 strips I hung up, but wondered if it REALLY meant I was going to see that many less flies around??? :confused:

And at the rate the strip has filled up, I figure I am going to need to change them out every 2-3 days - max - for there to be room for more stupid flies to land on them

This has been by far the worst year for flies! I guess with the veyr mild winter we had, a lot of them survived to see another spring, added on to the new crop for 2010 = a whack of old and new flies!

Jun. 21, 2010, 10:13 AM
Not much rain here has made me take stock in fly strips. I doubled up my fly predators this month too...

Somehow in "Fly World" they mysteriously multiply even when dead...or stuck to strips... (I guess they can be stuck, but still have the urge??? <shrug>)