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Jun. 19, 2010, 05:11 PM
I am only the first to post bec. XC's phone needs a charge! We took the Loser Herd for a school at Olde Hope and it was just delightful. Red Horse is awesome, I know what I have to do to get his balance more automatic. Rug got a little canter and some jumps and XC got some confidence and fun, then she came home with me and rode her Laddie who was very happy to see Mum. We had a great time, yes, there are pictures. I love schooling when you are the only ones on the place and can just do whatever you want, no waiting, no crowds, excellent footing. Many thanks to Jane!
Do you realize I have never had a horse that looked at the ditch just ONCE and then went on and jumped it? Red is just amazing. He said, Oh, that's a ditch -- oh, I have to jump it - OK - no problem and jumped it back and forth about five-six times. His first XC school!
Awesome day! We needed an awesome day so I can go on this glow for a couple of weeks! Onward!

Jun. 19, 2010, 05:26 PM
I had the same "ditch revelation" not too long ago- I've never had a "ditchy" horse.

I had my one-eyed guy out for his first XC school with my trainer and we had to have a knock-down-drag-out to get him to step down into the water... Our next thing to school was the ditch. Everyone else was on greenies so we were trying to find a lead and I said "oh, he'll do it!" and she gave me this look like "yeah... right." Sure enough, he cantered right over it. I've just never had one have an issue. Maybe its all the trail riding I do... or maybe its that I just expect them to go over and they do! Either way, I'll take it!

Glad you had a great day! Sounds like its just what you needed!

Jun. 19, 2010, 06:04 PM
So Rugby is all better now? How wonderful that Red likes his job!

Jun. 19, 2010, 06:16 PM
YES. He healed beautifully, just a nick there -- almost all hair covered. I worked pretty hard on that. And yes it IS wonderful about Red! I am really thrilled with him. And XC rode him a little bit and as soon as I saw her ride him my jaw dropped. I had no idea. He is an excellent mover! When you ride them you can't tell a thing! Oh I wish we could get together some time and ride, Cookie, you'd have a blast with us! SOON. We are not going to let this get away from us. We are going to go ride together sometime! Maybe this winter in Aiken!

Jun. 19, 2010, 09:05 PM
It was a great day today!!! I had a total immersion Horsey day!! WoooHOOO :D :D :D Holly was nice enough to ask me to help her school Red by riding, and lightly schooling Rugby, with her. Not a bad deal and I jumped (literally and figuratively) at the chance. So off we went to the wilds of the Easter Shore of MD, to Olde Hope farm. We tacked up and off we went. Both of us warmed up with a touch of flat work around the dressage rings to give Red a chance to look it over. Rugby and I played around as we both were like “Oh yea, you take a look at the judges stands, I have only seen oh 10 thousand of the darn things!!”

And then off we went to play over real jumps. Initially it was real tiny jumps and Rugby saw every ghost, goblin and spook known to horses, hiding inside each one. It was a riot. Once I realized with Holly’s help that he needs more contact and a bit more leg, we were ok and the goblins miraculously disappeared! Meanwhile Red the superstar was beee bopping along and hopping over all the little stuff almost free of any second thoughts…almost. He is a greenie and a couple times he looked way down at the jumps for a good extra second, or ten, and then jumped.

So off we went to the ‘bigger’ jumps and I was longing for the Tin Man’s oil can. Boy what 3 months away will do to a girl!!!! But Holly and Rugby were great and patient and finally I started to remember how to play this game. But I have to admit that it’s a sign of how far I have to go still that a novice ramp at Olde Hope looked a bit big to me on approach. Ahh but life's a journey right? ;)

Red is a superstar! Plain and simple, he’s the total package and I am so glad I got to see him in the ‘early’ days so I can brag years from now… “Oh you think he’s a nice horse now? You should have seen him his first time at Olde Hope! Never blinked at the ditch!”

Holly was way overly generous and let me sit on the kid for a few minutes and I must say he rides as nice as he is to watch.

So at the end of a great xc school we washed the boys off and loaded up. And down the road we went, another hour and half, back to Holly’s farm. It had crossed my mind last night that if I was already halfway to Holly’s, and I will have ridden one, well why not two? Why not go sit on Lad????? So I checked the maps, thought it out and decided to sleep on it and see if I wanted to this am. Woke up this morning and my first thought was, “I get to ride Lad again today!” (I took this as a very good sign that my personal burnout may in fact be receding further away! YAY :D)

So I got there, walked into the field with the container of Stud Muffins and started loving on Lad and giving him delicious bribes. (Never hurts to bribe the boy, you never know he may be feeling about being sent to Holly's boot camp and taken from the life of the wild stallion of the Serengeti!)

It was a fantastic ride and I am so happy that we reunited for some fun. I have missed the moments with him sooo much more than I realized. After the first canter around the ring it was like a light on a blackberry came on and said “ok you’re synced now.” It was just such a warm fuzzy sheer happy moment. And believe me that’s under selling it severely.

As always a ton of thanks goes out to Holly. I couldn’t do it without you!! And extra big thanks for getting the pics and video of Laddy and I!!!

The pics of Holly at Olde Hope are here:

The pics of Lad and I are here: http://s103.photobucket.com/albums/m...%20with%20Lad/

And the very brief compilation of video clips of Lad and I jumping are here: