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Jun. 18, 2010, 08:19 PM
Our clinic with Lucinda Green was the most awesome experience of my riding life! She is a fantastic clinician, and if any of you ever have the opportunity to clinic with her please do so. Her insights and her ability to instill confidence in both horse and rider is priceless! She is worth every penny and then some, not to mention she is terribly funny! :yes:

First she LOVED Kikki! She really did, and even though Kikki came out like a cat with its tail on fire :eek: the first day, Lucinda seemed to understand her type and instructed me accordingly. I’ll admit I’m a little sensitive about Kikki because I know some people don’t like really hot sensitive horses (or mares in particular). But we’ve both personally come so far recently, that its important to me that people not judge her just on her “hotness”. She has an incredible work ethic and is very forgiving and I believe in time the hotness will even out. Even if it doesn’t, it doesn’t bother me. I’ve always liked her type. Anyway, no worries she was amazing! Jumped everything we put her in front of her! We didn’t have one stop either day! Lucinda did suggest we take her off any and all “hot” feeds and put her on only pony nuts (like One-N-Only) and just hay. She said even if she drops some weight, it would be better because she is far too hot and unless there is something else going on (i.e. ulcers), then the first course of action should be looking at her feed and seeing if that does not address the hotness issue. If this does not change her, she wants me to see if her jaw, teeth, sinus and intestines are all okay. Kikki was doing a lot of sideways stuff on both reins. I’m not sure how that equates to those body parts, but that is what she wants us to take a look at, so it shall be done!

Overall the clinic was fantastic. The drive was 6 hours (Houston to Weatherford, TX) and I thought I’d never get there! I’m new to actually Eventing and driving alone sucks! Also the trip started off on a bad note when I discovered that the charger I’d bought for my digital camera didn’t fit the replacement battery I’d bought and therefore I was without my camera and video. Needless to say I was pretty upset! However, I at least had the foresight to buy a little throw away instamatic and I got a few pictures on that though not very many. Being alone, it’s hard to get pictures though everyone there was exceptionally nice! I just don’t like to impose on others.

The first day was very low grid work that simulated cross country jumps and questions. She put some crazy distances up and a lot of combinations Kikki nor I had ever jumped before. She stressed the need to create a “tube” that you keep squeezed around your horse and that in my case in particular I stay “plugged into” my horse up to the jump. None of that “American Hunter-y” two point stuff because she jumps pretty big over everything, and she has some handy (wiggly-squiggly) little moves when she’s unsure about something. When that happens, I’m to slightly open my hands up creating a V that I’m to send her into by applying the tube and, “…squeeze her eyeballs out”! LOL! Worked every time too! She stressed our not getting ahead of our horses and used the analogy of a see-saw. If you raise your bottom from the end you’re on and lean on the other, then that side goes down and your side comes up. Not a good thing when the horse is trying to get his front end up to jump!

Day 2 was the absolute best. Kikki came out pretty calm and collected. She was no where near the fire breathing dragon she was on Day 1, and seemed pretty interested in getting started. She was alert, but calm. Everyone kept asking who’d stolen Kikki and replaced my horse! LOL! I was kindda anxious as there had been a dreadful downpour all night and into the morning and I was sure everything would be canceled, however I quickly learned that, “Eventers don’t go home, they EVENT”! So I put my big girl panties on and got on with it! I’d entered this clinic as a BN rider and horse as neither Kikki nor I have ever even done a GAG class, much less BN. However Lucinda suggested I start Kikki at BN or preferably Novice as she is best when confronted with jumps that make her think. She said Kikki is a very smart pony and is easily bored and should always stay challenged. Lucinda asked me what my goals are with Kikki and I told her to one day do a Training 3day. That’s when she said, "....this is a fabulous mare, not a ride a lot of people with your level of experience could finesse. She will never be an "easy" ride, but with this mare on your side (and she trust you Susan) you could well go Intermediate with this mare. She's very, very talented!” I truly almost cried!! :sadsmile: It felt so validating!! I really needed to hear that.

Anyway, from then on even though we were in the BN group, she had us jumping most of the Novice and some Training stuff on the Greenwood course. I was pretty scared of a lot of that stuff, but Lucinda said that I just talked liked a scardy-cat, but that deep inside there was a brave Eventer waiting to get out. She said that my mare would take care of me and that I should trust her, and she did. We cantered up and down the banks, jumped ditches, hanging logs, mushrooms, houses on top of hills, and little narrow skinnys set between huge trees, everything I asked she gave me. I love, love, love my pony! :winkgrin: Oh the few pictures are here: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=4429685&id=642791727&fbid=400673616727#!/album.php?aid=181025&id=642791727&ref=mf

PS - Christine Tull ROCKS as a person, organizer and horseman! She was extremely kind and accommodating and her facility is BEAUTIFUL!! She is first class!!
Go Eventing!

Jun. 18, 2010, 08:32 PM
Thank you for the great report!

I've gotten to ride in one Lucinda clinic & I've audited 2 others. She's the best!

Your Kikki sounds a lot like my little mare. I'll take the advice Lucinda gave you & maybe it will make us both as brave as you. It sounds like you two have got a ton of fun ahead.

Jun. 18, 2010, 11:18 PM
Sounds like a blast! I hear nothing but good things about Lucinda Green, i definitely need to sign up next time she comes to town. Greenwood has always been one of my favorites in Area V. Always have great, bold courses, and always have GREAT organization. I've never done Greenwood without everything running smoothly and professionally.

Jun. 19, 2010, 10:32 AM
Congrats! What a wonderful two days you had!

Jun. 21, 2010, 08:04 AM
It was a wonderful clinic!! :D