View Full Version : Videos for the bored or curious!!

Jun. 17, 2010, 07:34 PM
Ok here's a link to the videos from the dressage lesson with the two non-eventers Tuesday.

The first video is of me riding Becky's grey horse showing them that what we'll do is neither hard nor scary.

The other videos show Becky on her grey and Steph (from the xc video before) on Becky's other horse Red. (Not the same horse as her xc video)

I think both women did extremely well!!! But then I am biased.

**Warning... I haven't watched them all the way through and can't promise I didn't eek out a curse word here and there. *****

Feel free to critique away. I haven't sat on a horse in over 2 months, so that could be some of my issues, you can't quite hear me but I am saying how I am flailing around very unfit.





Start with Emily Lesson

Then Round 1

Round 2

Becky & Steph Form

Becky Flat work

Steph Flat work