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Jun. 15, 2010, 08:35 PM
Has anyone tried these for fly control in their barns or other areas? I pre-ordered the fly predators from Spalding after using them last year and before. Thought it was all set. They dropped the ball. I kept looking for them and when we became infected with houseflies around the barn and pastures (I should have called before, I know), I did call. Some excuse about it being an internet order, so they sent them and I got them out. But, of course that doesn't resolve what is already making my herd miserable. So they suggested the Starbar fly abatement strips, which are pricey, but I ordered some. I had to call their customer service to figure out what to do with the stinky "attractant" -- which is supposed to be attached but were not and it wasn't clear what to do other than "crush" the vial. So I hung them as instructed in 5 different areas (lots of flies). After all afternoon, NOT ONE fly is on any of them or even around them. So, don't waste your $$ on those things. Has anyone used them successfully? I'm so pissed. I've complained to the company and to Spalding. What a waste of my time and $ and no relief!

Jun. 17, 2010, 10:52 AM
Have you placed them correctly?

Here's the instructions from the QuickStrike Fly Strips. Sounds very similar. You do have to be careful on placement. Below 4 feet and stationary. We have one hung low on an exterior stall wall where it's not exposed to rain.

QuikStrike may be placed at locations where flies are a problem. For optimum results, place the station low to the ground, flies generally forage for food close to the ground. Flies seen at higher locations are resting and not actively seeking food. Bait stations placed in rafters or areas higher than 4 feet will not be as effective. Place the bait station on a stationary object. Do not allow the bait station to blow in the wind, as flies will not land on moving objects. Affix the station using suitable adhesive that will keep the station in place for the duration of the product life. The station may be placed at any angle but is most effective when placed on a flat surface. In areas of low to moderate infestations, the station will provide control, but control may be less apparent. The fly bait station contains a triple action fly attractant that, when activated, will attract flies to the area.

QuikStrike should be protected from moisture and direct sunlight, when possible. Excessive moisture will reduce the residual life of QuikStrike. QuikStrike can be attached to dumpsters, refuse bins, garbage chutes, poles, feed bunks, walls, fences, and other surf a c e s out of the reach of children and animals. QuikStrike is most effective against house flies (Musca domestica) and the lesser house fly (Fannia culicularis). The active ingredient is contained in a sugar-based matrix that is the yellow portion of the fly bait station. QuikStrike can be used in a variety of are a s .

Examples of placement locations are: garbage chutes, dumpsters, loading docks, waste containers, gre a s e pits, rest areas, outdoor re s t room facilities, in and a round stables, dairy barns, milking parlors, loafing sheds, kennels, poultry houses, aviaries, swine houses, feedlots, refuse and recycling facilities, around commercial food-handling facilities, restaurants, bars, groceries, stores, and other facilities where house flies are a nuisance.

Jun. 17, 2010, 12:31 PM
YOU got your order late for Fly Predators and its now their fault that you have flies? How exactly does that work? Also reading directions for the win.

Jun. 17, 2010, 02:35 PM
YOU got your order late for Fly Predators and its now their fault that you have flies? How exactly does that work? Also reading directions for the win.

Actually as I read her OP it is their fault. She pre-ordered and they did not ship. She had to call and follow-up on her pre-order once she started getting flys. They then recommended an expensive product to use to get rid of the adult flys until the fly predators can do their thing. The expensive recommended product does not seem to be working. It also sounds like the strips were not correctly pre-assembled when she got them and the directions were not very clear to her.

Jun. 21, 2010, 12:48 PM
Yeah, I bought one of those too, it doesn't seem to do anything. I now have that loose bait in a plastic up next to it hoping that will attract some to it.
I did buy an expensive trap for outside and it is catching quite a few horseflies (Horsepal). I want to catch deerflies though and have not yet. I attempted to make the other version (Epps) to put more in the brush, will let you know if it works.

Jun. 21, 2010, 05:13 PM
I didn't have a whole lot of luck with the Starbar Captivator initially, and of course somebody helped themselves to the little squeeze tube of attractant so we had to go back and get some, but I just got back from a week away and the thing is so full I bought another! We use standard old flypaper in the run in and they need replacement, actually needed it before I left but . . . We also have a truly spectacular fly population here this year, those poor horses are pestered half to death and it isn't limited to my place - my trainer has misting system and the stalled horses are OK but the outdoor population is quite high there as well. I use every method I have to hand, mask, spray on horses, flyswatter, paper, attractant and bait traps. Haven't done predators yet, that's next on the list.
So my vote is wait a week and then see how you like it.

Jun. 21, 2010, 06:41 PM

In that I had to resort to more than just fly strips in the house since discovering the IttyBitties were taking the screens out every night. :dead:

I got three 'scented' or baited fly strips, and also a trap. Just a plain old disposable trap, add water, add bait...

And the damn flies don't care for it a bit.

It's on the floor in the kitchen (gross, i know, but so is the Amytiville Horror that IS my house after having screenless windows for a couple of days... ) and just not attracting anything.

Now... a wine bottle with a bit of wine in the bottom? Pretty damn good trap.

I wonder if it's something about the attractant/bait? They're just NOT going for it. :no:

Jun. 22, 2010, 07:24 PM
. . .
Now... a wine bottle with a bit of wine in the bottom? Pretty damn good trap.

I wonder if it's something about the attractant/bait? They're just NOT going for it. :no:

Honestly I can't tell you if the attractant works, but the dead flies in the fancy one way bottle smell pretty nasty after a week of 90 degree temps. I think if you put your attractant of choice in the bottle, say the wine;), you'd have pretty good success. But I'd be using flypaper in my interior decor, too!